Wild Hearts Hunter’s Arm [Definitive Guide]

If you just started playing Wild Hearts and have questions about how to use Hunter's Arm, this article will answer all of them.

Wild Heart Hunter's Arm
Wild Heart Hunter's Arm Guide

If you’ve been playing Wild Hearts for any length of time, you’re aware that there are various features and mechanisms to discover that will make your gaming experience more fun. As you continue the game, you will unlock new features, and Hunters Arm is among the best.

Key Takeaways

  • Place a camp in Wild Hearts to unlock Hunter’s Arm.
  • Hunter’s Arm is used to damage the Kemono by hitting the blue spots on its back.
  • Hitting over Blue Spots will give you a large amount of Karakuri Thread.
  • Hunter’s Arm draws energy from the blue spots and raises Celestial Thread Power.
  • Consume more food to do this task, which requires tremendous energy.

What Is Hunter’s Arm

The Hunter’s Arm is a weapon in Wild Hearts that may be used to damage the Kemono by focusing on its weak spots. Yet, the true motivation for using the Hunter’s Arm is to stock up on celestial Karakuri threads before a fight rather than during it.

You can grab onto select portions of a Giant Kemono and shove your hand inside it. This will stun the beast and provide you with a large amount of Karakuri Thread, which can be used to create Wild Hearts Karakuri on the fly. Each Karakuri Thread you earn is added to the whole Thread you can ordinarily carry.

You can get this tool early on in the game, so you might have thought about how to turn it on and use it in Wild Hearts. This will be discussed further below.

How To Unlock Hunter’s Arm

The Hunter’s Arm can be used in Wild Hearts at any time just by establishing a camp. It would help if you killed enemies you’ve already beaten to learn how to use this tool well. Because eliminating Kemonos that you have already conquered is a much simpler task, given that you are familiar with how to deal with them.

How To Use Hunter’s Arm

A process must be followed when using this weapon in Wild Hearts, but it isn’t too hard. It requires two significant steps :

  • Climbing the Kemono
  • Hit Glowing Blue Spots

Climbing the Kemono

Climbing onto the Kemono’s back is the basic strategy for using this weapon properly. Once you’ve landed in the air, press R1 (on PS) or RB (on Xbox). You’ll be able to sneak up behind it using this route.

When you reach its back, you can utilize different weapons to launch random attacks. Right now, you can pick your weapon of choice. Remember that it will be challenging to remain in this position for some time. In a nutshell, you need to get in as many punches as possible as quickly as feasible.

Wild Hearts Hunter's Arm
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Hit Glowing Blue Spots

Permanently mount the kemono from the side with the weak spots closest to you to avoid shifting around too much. These vulnerable areas are typically blue and can appear anywhere on the Kemono’s back.

You will see a button prompt that tells you to use the interact button on your controller to activate your Hunter’s Arm when you are in the correct position over the vulnerable blue zone. After pressing this button, you can reach inside and remove the Karakuri Thread from the beast, which will stun it and give you more Thread quickly.

When playing on a PlayStation, press L2 to access it. But, if you are the one who is playing Wild Hearts on Xbox, you can utilize the LT.

Wild Hearts Hunter’s Arm
The spot where to hit Kemeno’s back.

This task demands a lot of your stamina. You need to eat a lot of food to make up for your strength. This will give you the stamina to escape on the Kemono’s back.

When you leap onto Kemono’s back, you must make sure you land on one of the spots that are noticeably brighter than the rest.

Instructions For Using Hunter’s Arm

It is recommended that the Hunter’s Arm be used on the precise location of the blue spots when they are spotted. Your maximum damage with the Hunters Arm will be over 20 if your thread capacity for Karakuri is around 15.

Benefits Of Hunter’s Arm

There is a list of some advantages you got via Hunter’s Arm.

  • The Hunters Arm in Wild Hearts draws energy from the weak blue regions and transfers it to your Celestial Thread, giving you more power.
  • When the Kemono is weak, this weapon is the most excellent option because of its vast power advantage.
  • The Hunters Arm is effective on all Kemono. This may help you defeat an enemy if you’re trapped.
  • You can gain several additional weapon skills after unlocking the Hunter’s Arm.
Hunter's Arm
Power Advantage

Ending Remarks

Most players don’t use the Hunters Arm, yet it’s vital. That can provide you with a significant advantage over the opponent.

It would help if you tried to finish the quest Hunter’s Mighty Arm, which is related to Hunter’s Arm. That will benefit another mission. You’ll need the energy to run before a fight, so eat while hunting the monster.

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