Wild Hearts Lightstone Location [SOLVED]

If you want to find the wild hearts lightstone location then you have come to the right guide. We will help you get there and more.

wild hearts lightstone location

So you want to get your hands on Lightstone in Wild Hearts? Don’t worry; we will help you get your hands on them and give you all the Wild Hearts Lightstone Location.

Key Takeaways

  • Lightstone can be found in Fuyufusagi Fort in Chapter 2 of the main storyline.
  • The Lightstone Ore is orange, like a Citrine geode.
  • It can be collected and stockpiled if you build a Tsukumo Ore Shrine near its location.
Wild Hearts Gameplay
Wild Hearts Gameplay

So in Wild Hearts there are many types of ores and materials that you can/have to use to upgrade your gear to keep up with the enemies as you progress further into the main storyline.

One of the primary ores is Lightstone. It is a crucial resource when it comes to upgrading your primary gear. Wild Hearts can be drawn in comparison with any JRPG style game, such as Monster Hunter or even Dark Souls, to an extent where upgrading armor and weapons costs rare resources that increase exponentially when getting to the maximum upgrade level.

The main difference is that Wild Hearts implements a timer system for the Lightstone resource. You get a hold of it in Chapter 2 when you reach Fuyufusagi Fort.

Once there, it would be best to explore the area until you come across a rock with glowing orange insides. Simialr to that of real life geodes such as Citrine.

wild hearts lightstone location
Lightstone Geode | Courtesy: Dexerto

The most common way to farm Lightstone is to keep checking back on this location to collect more every time it respawns. However, there is a more reasonable way to keep on collecting.

The best way to do this is to build a Tsukumo Ore Shrine using Dragon Karakuri. You can unlock this by advancing into the Karakuri Skill Tree, but that’s for another guide since that system in iteslef is quite dense in how it combos with many things.

So after constructing this shrine, you place it in Fuyufusagi Fort and leave it to be. After a while, once you return to it, the shrine will have collected a few pieces of Lightstone for you, saving you around three to four trips you would have had to make otherwise.

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