Wild Hearts: Mirror Stone Location Guide

Learn everything you need to know about the mirror stone's location in Wild Hearts

wild hearts mirror stone location
Wild Hearts Mirror Stone Location Guide

In this guide, we discuss Wild Hearts’ mirror stone location and how you can obtain it, so let’s get started without further ado.

Key Takeaways

  • Players must unlock Chapter 2, Ancient Technology, to access mirror stone.
  • The Mirror stone gives off a yellowgolden color like actual gold.
  • Annihilating the Kemono in-game, Earthbreaker drops 4 mirror stones as well.

What Is The Mirror Stone?

This stone is one of the upgrade materials for players in Wild Hearts to make your arsenals and gears more robust in light of the more difficult enemies you may encounter as the game progresses.

Where To Obtain The Mirror Stone

Acquiring the stone is not difficult; it just requires some time and effort to explore and collect it. First, you must have unlocked the game’s second chapter, Ancient Technology.

Furthermore, with this chapter, you will also unlock the new location, Akikure Canyon, on the main map section. After departing immediately towards the Canyon, you’ll arrive at the Stone Buddha Camp southeast of the Canyon.

You can check that out from the detailed map section. From there, you must follow the path reaching the Northern Strip of the Canyon. Going through the northern side, you will explore caves and a forest and collect many mirror stones.

If you wish to continue farming more, you can travel back to these locations as they repeatedly resummon the mining nodes containing these mirror stones.

Wild Hearts Mirror Stone
Mirror Stone Attached To The Cave Wall As A Yellow Mining Node | Image Credits: JBGamingExp

Bonus Method To Get Mirror Stone

After defeating the Kemono, Earthbreaker, you will receive 4 mirror stones. You’ll encounter this Kemono boss as you progress through the primary campaign portion of the game.

Wild Hearts Earthbreaker Boss
The Kemono Boss Earthbreaker Looks Like A Huge Bear In Rock Form | Image Credits: Trophygamers
Wild Hearts Earthbreaker Hunting Rewards
4 Mirror Stones Are Obtained As Part Of The Hunting Rewards From Defeating Earthbreaker | Image Credits: Trophygamers


That is all we have on Wild Hearts’ mirror stone location and acquisition method. We hope you can gather mirror stones with the help of this article!

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