Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List: Best Weapons Ranked

The complete guide on Wild Hearts weapon tier list. You can learn about all the weapons and in what tier category they are placed.

Tier List of Weapons in Wild Hearts
Weapon Tier List

We have got the best Wild Heart Weapon Tier list. There are a total of 8 weapons in the game, but which ones to pick is a challenging task. In this guide, you can see the placement of each weapon in different tiers depending upon their performance and characteristics.

Let’s get into this without any further ado!

Key Takeaways

  • The weapons are categorized into different tiers i.e., S, A, B, and C.
  • The S-tier weapons are known as the best ones. The A-tier weapons are still great and are easier to get your hands on.
  • B-tier weapons are the mid-lane of all the weapon tiers as they show good results in terms of damage.
  • C-tier weapons are not much good in their work, but they can also be helpful sometimes.
  • Karakuri Staff (S-tier) in Wild Hearts is a highly adaptable weapon.
  • Claw Blade (A-tier) allows you to make rapid strikes at the enemy.
  • Maul (B-tier) is the heaviest melee weapon in the game and has quite a tough mastering experience.
  • Some weapons are heavy, while others are lighter in weight. Hand Cannon (C-tier) is the heaviest of all the weapons.
  • You can have long- and short-range weapons depending on your playstyle. All weapons can take a few minutes to adapt to them.

Here is a summary table for the Best Weapons tier list in Wild Hearts:

No.TierNameAttack TypeFirst AttackSecond AttackSpecial Attack
1SKarakuri KatanaSlashDownward SlashLai SlashSingle-Handed Lunge
2SKarakuri StaffSlashBasic SwingHeavy SwingMutate
3AClaw BladeSlashWingblade Spin SlashWingblade Crescent SlashWingblade Power Lunge
4ABowLungeVertical: Otoya arrowsHorizontal: Haya arrowsBolstered Bow
5BMaulPummelPoundJumping SmashPower Smash
6BBladed WagasaLungeSpin danceReverse LungeParry
7CNodachiSlashDownward SlashReceding SlashPlanted lai
8CHand CannonPummelConjure Ki BaseAim Ki BaseFire Cannon

Weapon Tier List

  • S-Tier: The weapons that come under this tier list are the most perfect in their use and considered the best in the whole game. Players should focus on unlocking and investing in these weapons.
  • A-Tier: In case you don’t have access to the S-Tier weapons. Still, you can look for weapons that fall in this tier list. A-tier weapons are a good alternative. They may lack some features of top-classes weapons but provide enough satisfying gameplay.
  • B-Tier: You are more likely to get your hands on these weapons at the beginning of the game. You can rely on them till you get the best-known weapons.
  • C-Tier: The weapons that are in this tier list are not liked to a greater extent, and they don’t have satisfying results. However, these weapons are not completely useless, as they can come in handy in certain situations.

You can learn more about unlocking all of these weapons by reading Unlocking New Weapons In Wild Hearts!


In the S-tier, tier list we have the following weapons:

  • Karakuri Katana
  • Karakuri Staff

Karakuri Katana

Karakuri Katana (Image Credits: RageGamingVideos)
FIRST ATTACKDownward Slash
SPECIAL ATTACKSingle-Handed Lunge
ATTACK RANGEStarting Weapon

The best-balanced weapon that you get to try in Wild Hearts is the Karakuri Katana. It is the beginning weapon and best for the new players as they get more time to play with it and master all Katana’s attacks and techniques. It is convenient to carry and is medium weight.

The powerful melee weapon offers you effective strikes in closed-range battles and allows you to turn down the enormous Kemono enemies in the game. You can make attacks ranging from light to heavy ones.

Karakuri Katana is a fascinating weapon as it can turn into a whip-like blade and deal increased damage. Another perk is that you can use Karakuri to perform unique and more effective attacks, or you can enhance them simply.

Such as, with the torch Karakuri, the katana sets on fire, and then the flaming lunge strike can be performed on the enemy. Furthermore, with the Karakuri crate, you can pile up three crates and make the most destructive attack causing massive damage.

Similarly, you can have the glider that helps you in launching in the air, and then through the gliding mechanism, you can safely return to the ground gradually. And last but not least, the spring attack pushes you in the forward direction and allows you to make quick and damaging strikes.

Once your Katana is fully charged, you can change it into the whip that boosts up the damage of each hit, and you can make attacks continuously. However, keep in mind that a special attack utilizes a lot of stamina, but the rest of the attacks and combos of this weapon are up to the mark.

  • Attack Type: Slash
  • First Attack:  Downward Slash
  • Second Attack: Lai Slash
  • Special Attack: Single-Handed Lunge

Karakuri Staff

Karakuri Staff Weapon
Karakuri Staff
MAGIC RESISTCan transform between four different Weapons

The Karakuri staff is the most versatile weapon with adaptive nature. So there is no wonder why it is in this tier list. It’s like a whole package of weapons and can assist you in surviving any kind of combat or condition.

It can turn into five forms that go like this: Giant Shuriken, long staff, War Pike, Juggernaut Blade, and Twin Fang. It is distinct in its feature, and no matter what play style you have as it can go with all of them exquisitely.

It can be complex and a bit hard to use the Karakuri staff weapon, but once you learn and practice it, then nothing will be more satisfying than fighting with this weapon. With the First attack command, you can make short-range strikes.

While with the second command, you can make mutation attacks. The Juggernaut slash attack is most preferred to use against the monsters that can’t move, as you can deal excellent damage to them through it.

The best way to use this weapon is to use the transformations according to the nature of combat. It deals high damage range and is perfect for turning down all types of enemies. The staff is an all-rounder, so you must not miss out on using it at any cost.

  • Attack Type: Slash
  • First Attack: Basic Swing
  • Second Attack: Heavy Swing
  • Special Attack: Mutate


The following two weapons fall in the A-tier in Wild Hearts tier list:

  • Claw Blade
  • Bow

Claw Blade

Claw Blade Weapon
Claw Blade (Image Credits: RageGamingVideos)
FIRST ATTACKWingblade Spin Slash
SECOND ATTACKWingblade Crescent Slash
SPECIAL ATTACKWingblade Power Lunge
MAGIC RESISTBest Ranged weapon
ATTACK RANGELong Range Weapon

Looking for a weapon that may allow you to make rapid strikes? In this case, the Claw Blade weapon in wild hearts is the perfect option. It is a 2 in 1 weapon with a claw and a blade. It is light in weight but potent enough.

Furthermore, the Claw blade is hard to handle, but if you know how to make it work proficiently, then you can make great use of this weapon. You can perform quick attacks while standing still or do it by running around the enemy.

The fast-paced strikes enable you to great significant damage, and it is best to use during closed-range combats. Hit your opponent by staying close and also get the benefit of dodging attacks. One can also rely upon this weapon for long-range fights and air-based attacks.

The major highlighted feature is the quickness, but still, the attacks of the claw blade are not stronger enough. But you can hit your opponent at the weaker points with accuracy and leave it vulnerable to more damage.

You can make both vertical and horizontal spin attacks. By using the special attack, you can damage or pierce through your enemy by attaching your claw to it and can utilize it as a grappling hook. Make multiple hits and dodge the attacks by moving around in the air in rotatory motion.

Overall, it’s best to choose a Claw blade when you are more into aerial attacks and combos.

  • Attack Type: Slash
  • First Attack: Wingblade Spin Slash
  • Second Attack: Wingblade Crescent Slash
  • Special Attack: Wingblade Power Lunge


Bow Weapon
FIRST ATTACKVertical: Otoya Arrows
SECOND ATTACKHorizontal: Haya Arrows
MAGIC RESISTShoot arrows
ATTACK RANGEShoot arrows

The Bow is the most appropriate weapon for ranged attacks. So, if you are one of those players who prefer to hunt down their enemies from a distance can opt for this one in the wild hearts. It comes with two types of attack stances.

This means that you can hold the bow in two different ways, i.e., horizontally and vertically. Having the weapon differently allows you to shoot arrows accordingly. We also get to see the variation in arrow type, which is eventually linked with the position.

The horizontal one enables you to shoot Haya arrows while being in a vertical position; the bow can shoot Otoya arrows. With the former one, you can shoot the arrow at a quick speed, and with the latter one, you can release more arrows toward the enemy.

Keep swapping between both of them during the fight to get a better outcome in terms of damage. You can also improve the precision of your shots by pressing the “Y” button. You can bolster up the weapon by doing so, and you can do it two times.

Bow weapon is pretty awesome in its use as you can greatly damage the opponent by maintaining a safer distance that lowers your chances of getting hurt. Make sure that you may analyze the situation well, as this can help you in keeping a great balance between two stances.

It’s recommended to use Haya arrows when you get spotted by Kemono and want to reposition yourself. Whereas when the monster is busy fighting others, you can go for Otoya arrows.

  • Attack Type: Lunge
  • First Attack: Vertical: Otoya arrows
  • Second Attack: Horizontal: Haya arrows
  • Special Attack: Bolstered Bow


In our tier list these two weapons come under the B-tier:

  • Maul
  • Bladed Wagasa


Maul Weapon
MAGIC RESISTGains Dammage and Range
ATTACK RANGEGains Dammage and Range

This giant hummer is the heaviest melee weapon in the game and has quite a tough mastering. Its immense size allows you to deal massive damage and has good mobility. However, you need to play with more patience, as using the maul brings down your speed.

The combos of this weapon are fun to do, but they require good practice and timing precision. The weapon doesn’t only damage the enemy but also destroys the Karakuri within its range. You also get to see the transformation stage in the Maul weapon.

But it is not as significant as the other weapons in Wild Hearts. This only increases the damage and range; you can extend its handle by pressing the special attack command afterward the 1 or 2 attack command. One can use the Karakuris to enhance the overall performance amazingly.

  • Attack Type: Pummel
  • First Attack: Pound
  • Second Attack: Jumping Smash
  • Special Attack: Power Smash

Bladed Wagasa

Bladed Wagasa Weapon
Bladed Wagasa
MAGIC RESISTLight weight

This weapon has a unique appearance, and it almost looks like an umbrella with sharp blades on its edge. It is light in weight and easy to carry around. One of the most highlighted features of this weapon is that you can ward off the attacks of your enemies.

You get a variety of counterattack options with this weapon. To perform the more damaging attacks, you must parry and dodge to fill up the gauge bar easily and rapidly. As this enables you to make more damaging strikes under the special attack command.

Fill the spin dance gauge to deal the maximum damage. The gauge bar can decrease but you can avoid it by parrying the strikes from an enemy. Players can do both aerial and ground combos by using the Bladed Wagasa weapon.

It may take some time to use this weapon, but once you learn it properly then you can skillfully use it in combat.

  • Attack Type: Lunge
  • First Attack: Spin dance
  • Second Attack: Reverse Lunge
  • Special Attack: Parry


Now C-Tier weapon are the last on our weapon tier list.

  • Nodachi
  • Hand Cannon


Nodachi Sword
FIRST ATTACKDownward Slash

Another ranged weapon that you may need to handle with both of your hands. It is heavy as well in appearance. Despite being heavy, it deals high damage and can be handled without any trouble. For slow-paced swings, Nodachi is the best option.

The attacks you may perform go along with your movements. The three-hit combo is this weapon’s main attack, which seems slow but gradually becomes more effective. Hitting or warding off your opponent’s strikes can raise the gauge bar’s level.

It allows you to perform special attacks and make more destructive attacks against enemies. There is also a variety of ways to execute the special command, such as you can do it while standing, moving, and more.

The second attack command is Receding slash, which you can do while spinning or running. All you have to do is to stay patient and wait for the right moment to attack.

  • Attack Type: Slash
  • First Attack: Downward Slash
  • Second Attack: Receding Slash
  • Special Attack: Planted lai

Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon Weapon
Hand Cannon
ATTACK RANGEIt can deploy up to five KI Bases at time

One of the heaviest weapons in the Wild Hearts is the Hand Cannon. Undoubtedly, it offers great dealing damage but comes with certain complexities. It can overheat and has a limited amount of ammo.

So during the combats, you have to take care of all these aspects to best use this weapon. It also has two gauges; one shows the remaining amount of thread, while the other shows the temperature. But don’t worry; you can refill your ammo by placing a base through the first attack command.

You can stand in this particular area and recharge the ammo. A considerable point here is that overheating leads to the dysfunction of the weapon, so make sure that the heat gauge may not reach the maximum level.

The second command enables you to aim and shoot the base towards the enemy, while with a special attack, you can make perfect shots that result in super fantastic damage.

  • Attack Type: Pummel
  • First Attack: Conjure Ki Base
  • Second Attack: Aim Ki Base
  • Special Attack: Fire Cannon

Closing Remarks

Let’s end our Today’s guide here. This was our weapon Tier list for the Wild Hearts. Let us know which weapon you find the best and would like to get a command over. You will love to read our article on Wild Hearts: Change Appearance since you like reading about Wild Hearts. 

If you still haven’t got your hands on the game. Wild Hearts is available on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store). You can purchase it by clicking on this link here

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