Imagine A World Where Sony, Xbox, And Nintendo Would Work Together

Imagining a partnership that could inspire or disappoint generations.

imagining a world where these consoles join hands
Imagining a world where Sony PS5 and Nintendo join hands

The internet is filled with console wars, and here I am, hoping for something that could be the most incredible collaboration of all time. While I do agree that competition between these consoles has been very productive in giving the players what they want, there is no doubt about that.

Key Takeaways

  • Xbox, PS5, and Nintendo have very unlikely chances of working together. However, if it happens, it could yield some exciting results.
  • Optimistically, this collaboration will pick the positive aspects from all consoles and put them in a product that would feature previously console-specific games. 
  • This can attract a wider audience into the gaming industry, bringing in an abundance of new revenue streams. We might even witness a revolution in cross-platform e-sports. 
  • In a less optimistic scenario, the absence of competition could result in increased prices, a decline in innovation, and a dreadful monopoly over the market.

All I am saying is, imagine: Xbox’s superior hardware technology, Sony’s blockbuster titles, and Nintendo’s hybrid design join hands, for once, only for ONCE. What do you think would happen? Imagine the best of all these consoles merged.

I saw some hope a few years ago when a headline popped up saying the companies have finally joined hands, only to be disappointed by the article’s contents. The collaboration was only about ensuring a safe environment for players.

Even though it is highly unlikely now, let’s see how the gaming world with this dream collaboration would look like:

Multi-Platform Games

I loved playing Zelda: Tears of Kingdom when it was released about a year ago. Truth be told, I don’t own a Nintendo Switch, and I had to borrow one from my friend. It was fantastic, and the only thing I didn’t like about it was that I couldn’t play it on a bigger screen. It almost made me anxious. 

Tears of kingdom
I’d love a collaboration where I could play Tears of Kingdom without buying a Nintendo Switch.

Being an owner of a beautiful PC set-up, I wanted to play it on my bigger screen. If only it were possible. It made me realize how positive and effective collaboration between these consoles could prove to be for gaming fans.

Certain console-specific games would be playable without any restrictions. I think collaboration in this regard will prove to be better than competing against each other in almost all perspectives.

Improved Performance & Accessibility

Sony has the best titles in the industry, and its consoles are usually fast. Similarly, the audio quality in PS5 is extraordinary and provides a realistic experience. However, it lacks streaming channels comparatively and is mainly bound to its screen.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Xbox has superior hardware coupled with good storage capacity. What I like the most about this console is its Game Pass, which allows fans to gain access to hundreds of games for a minimal monthly fee.

However, although not a big deal, it lacks a USB-C port. 

Finally, Nintendo’s highlight is its portability. You can also connect it to a TV. However, it is not the best option aesthetically and graphically. Being an older console, it can only support 720p at 30 fps, which isn’t good enough for modern standards.

Now, a collaboration between these competitors at a deeper level can ensure an end product that contains the best of the three worlds. Similarly, the combined efforts towards improvement can overcome specific limitations of each console. Consequently, we can get to see an optimized product offering versatility and improved performance.

Increased Revenue

We all wish to play games that are specific to other consoles. If given a chance, I’d empty my wallet on many games to get them on my PC. This logical argument signifies the potential of extended revenue streams if collaboration is ensured between these big consoles.

Estimated revenue of gaming platforms in 2023
Estimated revenue of gaming platforms in 2023 (Source: Statista)

Let me explain further how that would happen. First, a joint venture at this scale will allow each stakeholder to tap into a broader market. Similarly, players will be able to make cross-platform sales, which would be a huge boost in revenue.

Let’s also not forget the subscription services like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Now, and Nintendo Switch Online that will see a massive increase in subscribers. 

Let’s not forget joint marketing ventures across all platforms. The budget will increase drastically, and so will the increase in sales.

Increased Player Base & Fair Competition

I don’t need to explain how such collaboration will add new fans to the gaming community. However, an interesting phenomenon could possibly arise in such cases, i.e., cross-platform competitions.

This will be an altogether new experience that I would love to see. I also agree with Goce Spaskovki, Executive Assistant at the International Esports Federation, who thinks it will expand the pool for the esports community. I can only imagine playing Dota 2 with my friends on different consoles.

Possible Drawbacks

Let’s land on the dark side of the moon now. If a merger is to happen between these platforms, we must also expect the following drawbacks:

  • Eliminating the competition can result in a monopoly where we must accept whatever is presented to us.
  • Similarly, this no-competition scenario can backfire, and we might see a decline in hardware innovation and evolution.
  • Games’ prices will rise significantly as no competitor will bring in a check and balance system.
All these things are, of course, theoretical and only my thoughts. The topic is seriously debatable, and the arguments are purely hypothetical. But still… Imagine.
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