Imagining a World Where Christopher Nolan Makes A Quantum Break Game

How Would Quantum Break Would Turn Out To Be If This Oscar-Winning Director Makes It?

Imagining a World Where Christopher Nolan Makes A Quantum Break Game.
Imagining a World Where Christopher Nolan Makes A Quantum Break Game.

Let’s imagine for a second that an alternate timeline exists where the line between video games and cinema is non-existent. Oscar-winning director Christopher Nolan joined the video game development industry and has decided to make a Quantum Break game utilizing his unique storytelling approach.

Key Takeaways

  • Christopher Nolan is an Oscar-winning filmmaker whose films are realistic and have great plots.
  • Nolan believes in having practical effects in movies.
  • His movies have complex narratives and are based on elements like historical events, time, and space.
  • Quantum Break game features Shawn Ashmore as Jack Joyce, who is exposed to Chronon particles. The game follows his story as he tries to fix the fracture caused by the explosion of a time machine.
  • The game lacked good music and cinematic shots, which I believe could easily have been rectified if Nolan had made the game.

But a question stands: what will that game look like?

To visualize such a reality, one must know Nolan’s direction style and Quantum Break’s storyline. I will explain how Nolan’s vision will reshape the events of Quantum Break. But beware! This might be a spoiler if you are unfamiliar with the Quantum Break game and Nolan’s movies.

Christopher Nolan

When someone talks about putting heart and soul into their movies, I always think of Christopher Nolan. Every cinephile knows Nolan for his complex storytelling and minimal use of CGI. He believes in practical effects and realism, be it crashing a real 747 plane or exploding a real bomb to depict a nuclear explosion.

Christopher Nolan is highly respected for his nonconventional and visually aesthetic movies that appeal to larger audiences. His movies are often based on historical events, time, space, and dreams. Every single one of his movies is critically acclaimed. In fact, The Dark Knight once reigned as Warner Bros. Studios’ highest box office grosser before Barbie surpassed it in 2023.

Furthermore, Nolan’s movies are often accompanied by confusing cliffhangers. Even today, the audience is still confused about whether Cobb was still in a dream or reality.

Inception's Ending
Inception’s Ending

AND wait to get me started on Tenet. That movie was all chaotic and is considered to be the most confusing movie ever.

Quantum Break

With a third-person perspective, Quantum Break is a blend of unique gameplay and live-action episodes that unfold between the acts based on the player’s choices.

Liam Burke and Emily Burke, Quantum Break's Live-Action Episode
Liam Burke and Emily Burke, Quantum Break’s Live-Action Episode

The game begins at Riverport, where Jack Joyce (played by Shawn Ashmore) arrives to see a demonstration of a time machine. The time machine is an old experiment of Jack’s estranged brother, Will, expanded by his friend, Paul Serene. 

The demonstration eventually goes wrong, and Paul and Jack acquire time-based power, which is the game’s main plot. Battling between the betrayal by his friend and his love for his brother, Jack sets out to undo the consequences of the bad experiment.

The game offers a variety of guns along with time-based powers like “Time-Rush,” “Time-Shield,” “Time-Blast,” and “Time-Dodge.”

Quantum Break Gameplay
Quantum Break Gameplay

How Nolan’s Direction Will Shape The Game

Cinema lovers celebrate Christopher Nolan’s movies for their visually stunning cinematics and expansive plots. While nitpicking elements from his films and incorporating them in Quantum Break, here is how the events and gameplay will turn out to be:

Non-Linearity in Storytelling

Nolan’s movies are often the subject of non-linear narratives. Take Memento as an example; the entire movie goes in reverse sequence. Nolan threw the puzzles and challenged the viewers to piece them together.

Memento, 2000
Memento, 2000

The same is the case with Tenet; the movie is deliberately complex and forces the audience to rethink their understanding of the events unfolded in the film.

Considering the game had different years mentioned and a time-travel sequence, Nolan could showcase different timelines. The audience could experience the past years by jumping back and forth in time instead of linearly. This will have a more fragmented version of Jack Joyce’s story.

Jack Joyce, Quantum Break
Jack Joyce, Quantum Break

Will and Paul, Character Development

Throughout the game, we learned that Will didn’t want the project to be a cause of disaster and left it, conflicting with Paul’s ideas. While we learned about the strife between Will and Paul in Jack’s voice, we still didn’t see any scenes that could depict their past.

Paul points a gun at Will, Quantum Break
Paul points a gun at Will, Quantum Break

Nolan would have explored their story more. Nolan’s entrance could open a room for the vast character development of key characters like Will Joyce, Paul Serence, Martin Hatch, and Beth Wilder.

Surreal Sceneries and Cinematics

Nolan always works with the greatest cinematographers who give a fulfilling look to movies. The environment provides a surreal look, setting the tone and atmosphere of the film, be it celestial landscapes in Interstellar or high skyscrapers in The Dark Knight trilogy.

Black Hole, Interstellar
Black Hole, Interstellar

The camera work in Christopher Nolan’s movies is constantly inventive. His shot selections have always remained dynamic and experimental. 

With his mastery of camera work, wonderful lens-men could employ cinematic techniques to give players a sense of drama during crucial game moments. 

Additionally, the game could utilize an excellent cinematic experience that was missing. Furthermore, Nolan could use lighting schemes that emphasize the game’s time manipulation theme more.

From Oppenheimer’s “Can You Hear The Music” to Interstellar’s “No Time For Caution,” Nolan’s movies’ music has always been top-notch. Such a signature element was necessary in Quantum Break as it crazily lacked music and failed to put energy during intense situations.

Some may think that transitioning a filmmaker into a gaming director may pose a risk to a well-developed game. However, I believe it is for the greater good. The mind of Christopher Nolan will bring something to the table that will ultimately revamp the whole game.

Although Quantum Break had good gunplay and voice actors, it lacked some key elements that might be rectified through Nolan’s brilliance.

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