WWE 2K23 All MyRise Unlockables [Detailed List]


Do you want to know what is there to unlock in the MyRise mode of WWE 2k23? In this article, we will guide you on everything there is to know about the MyRise mode in WWE 2k23!

WWE 2k23 brings out 2 story modes for us with this new MyRise mode. If you get bored of all the fighting and tournaments you can have a little backstory and backstage fun with this new mode. Below we will discuss all the unlockables and their attributes!

Key Takeaways

  • MyRise Mode introduces 2 story modes Legacy and the lock.
  • There is a total of 15 unlockables in MyRise mode. 
  • You can unlock 5 characters and 10 arenas in this mode.
  • Mighty Molly, Molly Holly, Molly Holly ’02, Ezekiel, and Jean-Paul Levesque are the characters that you can unlock.
  • These characters have different attributes and ratings. Moreover, the arenas are unlockable while playing Myrise mode.
  • In legacy mode, you start as a WWE debut and you have your journey forward.
  • Jean-Paul Levesque debuts and becomes the next big thing.

MyRise Game Mode

MyRise Mode. Image Credits: WWE 2K23

WWE 2K23 has added a new game mode called Myrise. There are separate sets of unlockable characters and arenas in this new mode. Players are excited about what there is to unlock in this new mode!

Players can make their own Create-A-Character thanks to MyRise game mode. It is a personalized character that they can completely modify to their preferences. Then you can continue the game with the character that you created.

The major focus of MyRise mode is a more story-focused gameplay that enables players to advance through the game. There are separate sets of unlocked characters and arenas for each of the two game types available in the Myrise main game mode. We will discuss all of them later in the article!

MyRise Unlockables

Nevertheless, there are many things that you can unlock by playing the Myrise mode in WWE 2k23 including:

  • Players
  • Arenas

Below we will list and discuss all the unlockables that WWE 2k23 has to offer!

Further Modes

MyRise unlockables
Modes in MyRise. Image Credits: Revelleution

There are further two game modes that are included in the Myrise game mode as we mentioned before. Here they are listed below:

  • Legacy: Rise from the bottom to the top in this mode as a WWE starter.
  • The Lock: A mode that only includes male wrestlers. Clear obstruction as the next big WWE Superstar.

After you have unlocked them in MyRise, you may utilize them as playable material in other game types as well. Furthermore, several of the unlockables in both game modes are iterations of your favorite wrestlers and stadiums. Ultimately, certain unlockables are only available in their respective game modes, thus if you want to finish everything, you must play both game types.

MyRise Unlockable Arenas

There are 10 arenas that you can unlock playing the MyRise mode in WWE 2k23. Here they are listed below:

  • Raw 2002
  • High School Gym- BCW
  • WWE Live Event Arena 
  • Club U.K
  • Wargames 
  • Mexico Plaza 
  • Japan Hall 
  • Japan Dome
  • WWE Live Event Arena 
  • SummerSlam

MyRise Unlockable Characters

Molly Holly unlockable in MyRise
Molly Holly is an unlockable character in MyRise Mode. Image Credits: Revelleution

There are 3 main characters that you will unlock using this mode. That is because Myrise has two modes and both of them give you these characters. One of these characters is unlocked in Legacy and the other is unlocked in The Lock. Moreover, the legacy mode gives you 3 iterations of the same player so that will make the total character count up to 5!

Here are those characters listed and discussed below:

  • Mighty Molly
  • Molly Holly
  • Molly Holly ’02
  • Jean-Paul Levesque
  • Ezekiel


Molly is the character that you will see being featured in the legacy mode and she has alternative appearances in the storyline as well. Furthermore, you have to play as Molly in the legacy mode. Where you start as a WWE debut and you have your journey with the stress of an aunt who is a superstar in the WWE Hall of Fame. 

Here are all Molly characters and their attributes listed below:

Mighty Molly:

  • Mighty Molly has a rating of 78 in the Cruiserweight class.
  • Mighty Molly wears a black overall with a pink cape on the back.

Molly Holly:

  • Molly Holly has a rating of 86 in the Cruiserweight class.
  • Molly Holly wears a blue and black sleeveless suit.

Molly Holly ’02:

  • Molly Holly ’02 has a rating of 81 in the Cruiserweight class.
  • Molly Holly ’02 wears a blue and black sleeveless suit with blue shoulder stripes.

Jean-Paul Levesque

Debut and become the next big thing in The Lock. But, the player encounters a few challenges and expectations along the way. Jean-Paul Levesque is featured in the lock mode of WWE 2k23 MyRise mode. Moreover, his attributes are listed below:

  • Jean-Paul Levesque has a rating of 87 in the Heavyweight class.
  • Jean-Paul Levesque wears a white-laced shirt with open buttons and laced wristbands.


Ezekiel can be unlocked during the MyRise story mode where you have to fight Elias and Ezekiel. You have to help John Cena on social media, then finish The Lock’s Showcase of the Immortals to unlock Ezekiel. He is Elias’ brother and fights alongside him in the fight where you have to defeat them. 

Moreover, his attributes are listed below:

  • Ezekiel has a rating of 83 in the Light Heavyweight class.
  • Ezekiel wears a Black Speedo and can be recognized with shaved face, long hair, and bands on his biceps and wrists.


Ultimately, that is all we could tell you about MyRise mode Unlockables in WWE 2k23. Furthermore, for more news and gameplay tips regarding WWE2K23, you can follow our website and share us with your friends. Moreover, a like on the article and your feedback would be substantial to us!

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