WWE 2K23 Trophy Guide [All 64]

Our guide thoroughly covers all trophies in the WWE 2K23, explains the objectives and ways to attain all of these.

Trophy Guide for WWE 2K23
Trophy Guide

 Are you yearning to achieve all trophies in WWE 2K23? Then you just landed in the right place. Like its previous releases, this one also includes tons of trophies for the players to achieve. Chasing trophies can be tiresome for trophy hunters.

But worry not, as we have listed all this game’s trophies and how to get them in this article. This detailed guide will give you excellent insight regarding the concerned topic. So, Let’s dive into it.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 64 trophies in WWE 2k23 that you can get.
  • The game includes various types of trophies. All of the trophies are obtained by completing different tasks or objectives.
  • There is also the role of difficulty settings to get a variety of trophies.
  • All modes of the game have their own specific trophies.
  • The platinum trophy is the reward for getting all the other trophies in the game.

WWE 2k23 Trophies

There are 64 trophies in the WWE 2k23, which vary in their type.

Trophy NameDescription
Basic ThuganomicsThis trophy will be earned by completing some or a few objectives that you get in the Showcase Mode.
HUSTLEIn the Showcase Mode, you have to play and complete one match, and this trophy will be yours.
Word LifeIn each mode, you get multiple objectives. To get this trophy, complete all of them in a single match of Showcase Mode.
You Can’t See Me“Super Cena” is basically a more improved or powerful form of John Cena that is introduced in the 2K23 version. You have to defeat this form to get this trophy.
LOYALTYJust win all matches in the Showcase Mode to unlock this trophy, as simple as that.
RESPECTTo earn this, you have to complete all the given objectives in every single match of the Showcase mode.
Battle of RivalsFor this trophy, choose a rival’s Action that you will see in the Rivalry Menu in Universe Mode. This can be done in either Classic or Superstar Mode.
The Final MoveUnder the rivalry menu of the game, choose a rival’s Outcome during a Premium Live Event in the Universe Mode to get this trophy.
Step into the BattleTo achieve this trophy, enter your first rivalry in the Universe Mode. This will be achievable in the Superstar Mode only, though.
The Irresistible ForceAlso available in Superstar Mode only. You can earn this trophy by having a minimum of 50 Momentum at any time in the Universe Mode. The fill-up of momentum depends upon the performance of certain moves or actions.
To the Winner, go the SpoilsAnother trophy specific to Superstar Mode only. You can get it by picking up an Outcome in a rivalry and attaining victory in the finale match at a Premium Live Event in Universe Mode.
Breathe EasyTo unlock this trophy, win a match while ensuring that you may not run out of stamina completely. You can do this by limiting your movements throughout the match. Avoid the moves that require a lot of energy consumption, i.e., running.
Paid in FullUse both assigned Payback abilities in the Player vs AI mode and win a match to get this trophy. These abilities are great to use as you can gain an edge over your opponent.
Unfinished BusinessYou have to turn down the Brock Lensar by playing as Kofi Kingston in a one-on-one match while keeping the difficulty settings on Legend, and this trophy will be yours. You can win the match easily despite the difficulty with a good strategy.
The New and Vicious WarGamesThis can be achieved in WarGames mode. Enter a 4-on-4 WarGames match on Legend difficulty and win it while having the team disadvantage (team disadvantage is when the opposing team has more players in the ring than your team).
Nope, Not a Fluke:For this trophy, win any one-on-one match by doing the Leverage Pin in player vs AI mode. You can keep the difficulty level on a normal or higher difficulty.
Pillage and PlunderThe characters have the ability to grab something out of the ring and use it as a weapon on their opponents. Bring in three such weapons into a WarGames match and score a win to get this trophy.
Nerves of SteelTo lay your hands on this trophy, you have to break free from three pins of high intensity. Again this will be on Legend difficulty in a Player vs AI match.
One’s All You GetThis will be unlocked by not letting your opponent break free out of your pin on count 2 at Legendary difficulty level in Player vs AI mode.
Stacked Like CordwoodPerform an Attitude Adjustment Finisher by using the John Cena character on two of your opponents at the same time to unlock this trophy.
A Stunning AchievementAll you have to do is to win a match without being stunned while playing at Legend difficulty in the Player vs AI Mode to earn this one.
The Ring is SacredWithout manually exiting the ring, you have to play and win a Player vs AI Mode match while playing at Legend difficulty.
A New Head of the TableWithout using any Paybacks, have a one-on-one match with Roman Reigns and knock him out. You will have to play on Legend difficulty in Player vs AI mode to unlock this trophy.
Teacher’s PetComplete all objectives in the Tutorial in Play Mode, and you will get this trophy.
A Natural HeelIn normal difficulty settings, play a one-on-one match while utilizing the Dirty move payback and without getting disqualified to attain this trophy.
Faction Wars ChampionTo unlock this trophy, win 100 Faction Wars matches in MyFACTION mode.
Briefcase WinnerIn MyFACTION mode, win a limited-time Briefcase to unlock this trophy.
Loyalty ConfirmedTo achieve this trophy, earn a Loyalty Reward by regularly logging in to MyFACTION Mode.
Taste of VictoryJust win a match in MyFACTION Mode to have this trophy.
A Promising StartIn MyFraction mode, there is a Lifetime challenge; your job is to complete it for this achievement.
Journey of a LifetimeThere are Lifetime Challenges in MyFACTION Mode. Complete 15 of them and earn this trophy.
A Good StartThere are multiple Towers in MyFACTION Mode, having multiple Chapters within them. To unlock this trophy, complete a Proving Grounds Tower.
Weekly WinnerThere are Weekly Towers as well in MyFACTION Mode, which, as the name suggests, have to be completed within a week. Complete one of such Towers, and this trophy will be yours.
Daily ProgressComplete one Daily Challenge out of the three challenges you get in MyFACTION Mode.
Chapter and VerseTo achieve this trophy, the Proving Grounds Chapter in MyFACTION Mode is required.
Champion For a DayIn the MyFACTION Mode, complete all three Daily Challenges to add this trophy to your collection.
Never Felt More A-LIVETo earn this trophy, you have to win 10 LIVE Events in MyFACTION Mode.
Beginner’s LuckConclude all the Intro Challenges in MyFACTION mode to obtain this trophy.
Future EndeavoredTo unlock this trophy, call out the WWE Management in The Lock storyline.
Stole the ShowThis trophy unlocking demands you to steal the NXT UK Championship and Heritage Cup in The Lock storyline.
Apex CompetitorJust compete in the Apex Competitor tournament, and this trophy will be yours.
Leader of the PackIn The Lock storyline, lock in the faction choices you made to earn this trophy.
Here to StayComplete The Lock MyRISE story in The Lock storyline.
Business Just Picked UpAdd this trophy by joining the Hurt Business.
Evolution RevolutionIn The Lock storyline, join The Evolution to own this trophy.
Honorary UceIn The Lock storyline, you must convince Roman Reigns, so he may join your faction, and this trophy will be yours.
Choice and ConsequencesIn The Legacy storyline, during a Main Event Match, make a choice to earn this trophy.
A Briefcase Built for TwoWinning the Tag Team Briefcase in the Legacy storyline determines the achievement of this trophy.
A Lasting LegacyTo win this trophy, you have to complete The Legacy MyRISE story in The Legacy storyline.
Unbreakable BondIn The Legacy storyline, you have to commit to your tag team partner and stay loyal throughout the match to earn this trophy as a loyalty reward.
Dropped the BaggageThis one is opposite to the previous objective.In The Legacy storyline, you will have to betray your tag team partner, and while it definitely sounds weird, you will get a reward for that in the form of this trophy.
Smack to the FutureJust embrace the future in The Legacy storyline to have this trophy to your name.
Blast from the PastIn The Legacy storyline, players have to confront the past to attain this one.
Fit for a QueenThis final trophy of The Legacy storyline can be achieved by winning the Queen’s Crown Tournament.
A Lock and A LegendWhile many trophies are associated with The Lock and The Legacy storylines of the MyRISE section, you get another trophy which is a gold one, for completing both of these stories.
Fatal 4-WayPlay and complete a 4 Brand Season in the MyGM section, and this trophy will be yours.
MatchworkDuring a single season in the MyGM section, you have to book all match types that seem possible, and the trophy will be unlocked.
Pump Up the SlamAll you have to do is earn 10 Slammy awards in the MyGM section of the game to unlock this trophy.
Brand ManagementRemember, diversity is essential. Win a season with each brand in the MyGM section to achieve this trophy.
On Top of the Mountain(s)To have this trophy, you have to accomplish first in ratings after 3 full MyGM seasons.
That’s RandomYou will obtain this trophy in WWE 2k23 by creating the attire, body, and head items using random.
Here Comes the BOOM!To earn this trophy, create a custom entrance by using custom Pyrotechnics (firework mechanics) to your liking.
I Made ThisFor this final trophy, use your own image to craft an item made in ‘create an image’.
All Trophies EarnedAs the name suggests, this platinum trophy will be a reward for the hard work that you put into achieving all of the above-listed trophies and will mark the end of your WWE 2K23 trophy hunt.

Closing Remarks

Here is all for today’s article about the trophies that you can get in WWE 2K23, along with brief explanations of how to get them. Hopefully, we have made it easier for you to reach your goal of unlocking all of them with this article being available at hand.

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