Xbox Is About To Give A Hard Time To PlayStation And I Have Never Been Happier

Karma is finally slapping back PlayStation for all of its dirty monopoly strategies while Xbox plays a crucial role in it.

Tyranny of PlayStation is ending.
Tyranny of PlayStation is ending.

“Being a PC gamer is hard.”

I understand you have had to spend almost $2000, but that doesn’t mean you disregard the PC gaming experience.

“LOL! Hell no! It is not the cost of the PC but how we are robbed of a good gaming experience that makes me question PC gaming. Let me explain.”

Key Takeaways

  • While Sony only locks its exclusives to PlayStations, PC, and Xbox gamers are often deprived of great gaming experiences.
  • With a big Game Pass gaming catalog and upcoming AAA titles from Xbox, PlayStation’s dominance seems to be in danger.
  • PlayStation 5’s hardware was a massive letdown, making me regret buying one.

The Struggles of a PC Gamer

As a long-time PC gamer with an Xbox side-by-side, I have been frustrated by how Sony has locked some of the best games behind the PlayStation console. Sony’s exclusive masterpieces like Bloodborne, The Last of Us, and God of War had a massive following, yet I couldn’t play it. They were limited to PlayStation, leaving the gaming community fragmented, specifically PC gamers, in the mud.

Some of them made their way to PC, but my question is, what’s the point? When the PC community can get their hands on a Sony exclusive, the game’s hype dies down. Such an awful delaying move diminishes the experience and points out the divide Sony’s exclusive creates.

How I feel after not being able to play PS exclusives timely on PC.
My genuine feelings after being unable to play PS exclusives on my PC.

As an individual who has played games since childhood, I understand that Sony’s developers don’t want their hard work killed by 35% of the gamers who pirate games. However, I don’t see this as a reason to deprive the other 65% of the players who buy these games from online gaming markets.

Xbox’s Potential Comeback

With the PlayStation’s popularity slowly fading away, I believe Xbox is finally making its grand return. Over the years, we have witnessed how PlayStation has always been in the game because of its exclusives and great consoles. Yet this time, it feels different.

Sony isn’t releasing any exclusives until 2025. The cherry on top is that the PS5 may see its end sooner than anticipated due to disappointing sales. Keeping this in mind, the Xbox Showcase 2024 highlighted a big bummer.

The Showcase brought an excellent schedule for the release of games in 2024/2025. These games include Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Fragpunk, Fable, and many more. This fantastic list was previously initiated with Starfield and the Hellblade series, and now the future of Xbox looks promising.

Why Sony’s PlayStation Deserves Every Ounce of Hate

I may have been a PC or Xbox gamer; I also bought a PS5 and a subscription to PS Plus to play exclusives on time. But gosh! This was the worst gaming decision I had ever made.

I believed delayed PC ports were the only pain Sony caused. However, I experienced an even more pathetic service with PlayStation’s hardware. 

PlayStation 5 is full of problematic functionalities. From its disc drive making weird grinding noises to frequent software crashes, the problems are never-ending. Moreover, the constant stick drifts ruined my experience with PS5.

The worst part is that these drifting issues have occurred since the PS3 days and haven’t been resolved to date. Sony appears to have ignored this matter.

DualSense's stick drift issue
DualSense’s stick drift issue

In addition, even after paying $80 for a yearly PS Plus subscription, I couldn’t fully enjoy its games. The constant removal of games from the catalog every month left me no choice but to cancel my subscription midway.

All the things mentioned above made me hate PlayStation on a colossal level. 

My Wish is Finally Being Fulfilled

Xbox’s comeback will undoubtedly reshape the gaming landscape. Not only will it challenge PlayStation’s decade-old dominance, but it will also be more inclusive and player-friendly. As a gamer, I am thrilled to witness Xbox pushing boundaries and valuing the whole gaming community.

Xbox might kill PlayStation's hype.
Xbox might kill PlayStation’s hype.

The upcoming AAA games on Xbox will be bangers and will ultimately kill Sony’s tyranny. 

Just know. When the demise of PlayStation will occur, I will be there!

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