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Xbox Series X Users Are Vaping Their Console…. Really

So its the time of the year gamers have been waiting for. CyberPunk 2077 is around the corner (hopefully), Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War is about to release and there is of course the launch of next-gen consoles. What would be your first action on acquiring an Xbox Series X?

For some gamers, its vaping, yes vaping. Videos have been popping up on Reddit and YouTube stating that their console had malfunctioned while vapour appeared to be releasing from the console’s top vent. The Xbox Series X/S has not been without its launch problems such as stock and delivery issues by some retailers and ecommerce websites. Could there be any truth in these overheating claims?

Xbox Detectives On The Case

Microsoft decided to do a bit of detective work to figure out what was happening to their console. Xbox Studio swiftly provided evidence that proved that the videos were indeed fake. As the team were able to replicate the same vape that was seen in the videos.

Xbox advised console owners not to blow vape smoke into the console. Adding “We can’t believe we have to say this.” Furthermore Xbox replied to the tweet offering support questions “for any non-vape related” support.

So after this quick open and shut case Xbox will likely not be refunding consumers. Stating that their console is emitting vape Errr I mean Smoke!

Xbox Series X Runs Cool For The Power

Despite the power of the Xbox Series X the console overall runs cool as reported by Digital Foundry. The console was tested with a transfer of data from an SSD. They discovered that the console runs at room temperature towards the bottom of the console. While increasing in heat towards the external SSD hitting around 49C. Additionally temperatures were hovering around 39C towards the top of the console. The Xbox Series X is designed to suck air in from the bottom of the console while funnelling it out the top. Consequently the top vent was reported to be as hot as 62C. Therefore make sure the console gets adequate air flow. The consoles chimney like design grants the console space to remove hot air from the system. Therefore it is understandable why the top vent would be so hot.

Other Websites such as EveryEye tested the console’s heat while running several games. Showing the console running on average around 45C. Highlighting that the console should run fine.

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In conclusion for the components of the console the Xbox Series X runs cool, its carefully designed to maximise cooling. The top of the console can get hot but this just just part of the cooling system.

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