Xenoblade 3 Zephyr: Unlock, Kit, & Best Build

Xenoblade provides you with multiple classes to choose from, including Zephyr. Hence this Xenoblade 3 Zephyr guide will aid you in choosing.

Xenoblade 3 Zephyr [Complete Guide]
Xenoblade 3 Zephyr [Complete Guide]

Xenoblade 3 has made massive heaps in the action role-playing genre. The game’s recent release has left fans wanting more. The game introduces multiple classes and characters for you to choose from and enjoy playing. One of the classes is Zephyr which can be influential in the right hands. Hence we provide you with this Xenoblade 3 Zephyr guide to help you understand the game and class better.

  • Zephyr, one of the classes, is a defensive one that prioritizes swift movements and well-timed dodges to draw enemies’ attention and create opportunities for counterattacks.
  • Zephyr characters can deal significant damage through their combat and master arts abilities.
  • To gain access to the Zephyr class, you have to complete the Hillside Hulk Standard Quest in Chapter 2 and raise the rank cap to 20 through the Mio Side Story quest.
  • Mio, Sena, and Eunie are highly recommended for the Zephyr class as they excel in it.
  • The Zephyr Class Kit comprises combat, talent, and master arts with unique effects like increased mobility, better aggro generation, and elevated attack damage.

Xenoblade introduces multiple classes for you to choose from. These classes are powerful but need a solid build to showcase their true potential. Thus we recommend you check out our Xenoblade 3 Best Builds guide. Moreover, the game allows you to play multiple different characters. One of them is Mio, the game’s protagonist and one of the people in Zephyr Class. Her charisma will make you root for her and keep her on your team.

What Is The Zephyr Class in Xenoblade 3?

Mio of Xenoblade 3 Zephyr Class
Mio of Xenoblade 3 Zephyr Class

Zephyr is a powerful defensive class in Xenoblade 3. Using their quick mobility and calculated dodges, they evade the enemy attacks while drawing in the aggro towards them. This allows their team to counterattack from a safe distance without any worry.

Moreover, Zephyr’s Class characters aren’t too bad at dealing damage either. They combat, and Master arts allow them to deal the necessary damage to win the fight. Every Art and skill in this class provides its own perks, so it is up to you to decide which suits your playstyle the most. If you have trouble deciding, worry not. For your convenience, I will also include the best zephyr build in this guide.

But before we get into that, let’s look at how you can unlock this class.

How To Unlock Xenoblade 3 Zephyr Class?

As mentioned before, Zephyr is the initial class of Mio. However, it doesn’t mean you can change the other character classes as well once you have her on your team. To gain the perk of being able to change classes, you must complete the Hillside Hulk Standard Quest found in chapter 2.

Although you will get the right to change classes, you will still have a rank cap limit of 10. This will hinder you from upgrading your arts and polishing your skill. Such a hindrance can cause you to lose in a battle. Hence you must complete the Mio Side Story quest, increasing the rank cap to 20.

The Zephyr Class best suits characters with high agility and can make those quick plays. We recommend you use this class for Mio, Sena, and Eunie as they show the most proficiency in this class. It brings out the best in them and allows them to excel past their limits on the battlefield.

Xenoblade Zephyr Class Kit

Next up in this Xenoblade 3 Zephyr guide, we have the Zephyr Class Kit. This will include all the combat, talent, and master arts and skills waiting to be used by you. You can go through them thoroughly to find what will be best suited to you. Stay tuned to find the best Zephyr Build if you cannot.

Combat Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Butterfly Blade Singular Target During Art usage, 50% increased aggro generated
Wide Slash Singular Target Art activation provides more evasion prowess for sacrificing Critical Hit Chance
Speed Demon On character 30% increased mobility
15% decreased damage given
Glow Ring Singular Target Physical Attack Damage
Air Fang Singular Target Enemies targeting you take increased damage

All these Combat arts have something to provide. Some provide you with movement speed, some aggro generation, and some attack damage. It is up to you to decide which one you lack and which will make the most impact.

Talent Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Gemini Strike Singular Target Art Usage provides more evasion speed and 50% increased aggro generation.

Master Arts

Art Effect Rank Mastered
Wide Slash Art activation provides more evasion prowess for sacrificing Critical Hit Chance 1
Glow Ring Physical Attack Damage 10
Gemini Strike Art Usage provides more evasion speed and 50% increased aggro generation. 20


Xenoblade 3 Zephyr Skills
Zephyr Skills
Skill Effect
Stormy Gale 10% increased Agility
I’ll Defend You Over a fixed distance, 8% chance of defending allies against enemy attacks
Split-Second Counter Evading an Attack deals 100% Attack Damage to the enemy
Ether’s Sanctuary 10% increased Ether Defense.

Master Skills

Skill Effect Rank Mastered
Defensive Soul Increased 10% Physical Defense 5
Split-Second Counter Evading an Attack deals 100% Attack Damage to the enemy 5
Stormy Gale 10% increased Agility 15

These are the skills and Art at your disposal. All of these bring out the best in the Zephyr Class and will surely help you emerge victorious in your battles. Your creativity is the only limit to the plays you can pull with these arts and skills. All the outplay potential is in your hands and playstyle.

However, when faced with such a choice, you might be hesitant to go any due to the information overload. Well, to aid in deciding, we have included the best Zephyr Build in this guide as well so that you can take full advantage of this class.

Best Xenoblade Zephyr Build

The following arts and skills are the best possible combination that you can go for in a Zephyr Build. They exploit the class’s strengths while covering up the weaknesses. The build will impress you once you use it and will have you yearning for more.

Combat Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Butterfly Blade Singular Target During Art usage, 50% increased aggro generated
Air Fang Singular Target 50% increased damage to enemies with targets on you
Speed Demon On Character 30 increased evasion speed for sacrificing 15% Attack damage.

These are the best possible combat arts you can go for. They allow you to generate high aggro and increase your movement speed. With Air fang, your attack will hit like a truck ensuring you have high damaging counterattacks as well.

Master Arts and Skills

The Master Arts and skills you can go for are interlinked with other classes, so you will have to figure them out. The Lower Rank Master Skills that you can go for are Crash Out, Noble Taunt, and Gale Slash. They come with their quirks and will enable you to wreak havoc.

For Higher Master Rank Art, you can take Blossom Dance as it provides tons of armor penetration which will become crucial when facing more formidable opponents.

For Lower Rank Master Skills, you can take Defensive Soul, Natural Selection, and Protectors Pride. They are pretty helpful in battle and gell well with each other. Lastly, you can take Fortified Ether Guard for the higher rank master Art. It is potent, meaning it is only obtainable after you end the game. But once you acquire it, make sure to equip it as it will make a massive difference in your defensive abilities.

Accessories and Gems

The Accessories and Gems selection is very subjective. As the accessories and gems provide different advantages, it is only best to choose when you realize what you lack.

Looking at accessories will reveal that they can boost either your evasion speed, aggro, or damage. Thus if you feel you need more movement speed, go for Metal Foot Protector. If you have trouble getting the enemies’ aggro, you can take Signet Ring. Lastly, if you just want to decimate your opponents with serious damage, go for Beastfang Necklace.

As for Gems, you can Tailwind so that you have more maneuverability. Moreover, you can go for Steady Striker, which will increase your auto attacks speed. But higher speed will mean nothing if you can’t stand your opponent’s blows. Thus, you can take Ironclad to increase your survivability.

This sums up our Zephyr Best Build. The build is very mighty in the right hands, so don’t get disheartened if you cannot get accustomed to it early, Keep at it, and eventually, your hard work will pay off.


Other than Mio, you can try your hands at other unique characters. Nia, Rex, Ethel, and Sena are just some of them. They all showcase a tremendous impact on the battlefield and enable you to emerge victorious from your battles. However, you can further enhance their capabilities if you are aware of their classes and what they can output.

This concludes our Xenoblade 3 Zephyr guide. Let us know down below which is your favorite Xenoblade Class!!

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