Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems [All Types]

This guide will talk about crafting and using the best gems for attackers and defenders and further pressing down on the best heroes for different situations.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems

We first saw the concept of gems in the first series of Xenoblade. However, the gem crafting system, as a whole, has become more streamlined and smooth as compared to the previous version of the game.

On that note, players can unlock gems when they reach chapter 2 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

With the feature unlocked, players can explore a complete list of gems and craft the ones they need.

Before we start with our guide, let me give you some more pointers.

  1. Heroes and Arts: Heroes cannot learn Fusion or Master Arts.
  2. Gear and Gems: Heroes automatically equip the best gear and gems as they level up.
  3. Unlocking Heroes: Heroes must be unlocked through specific quests, which are indicated on the map with an exclamation (!) or a question mark (?).

Key Takeaways

  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, gems play a crucial role for characters and can be created using Ether Cylinders, Gemstones, and items obtained from monsters.
  • Gem crafting is improved and more accessible, with an auto-build feature to select suitable gems for character classes.
  • Gems have different types and abilities, often indicated by Roman numerals.
  • Attackers benefit from gems like Steady Striker, Analyze Weakness, and Doublestrike to increase auto-attack and critical hit rates.
  • Characters like Manana and Riku are good early-game attacker choices.
  • Defenders like Zephyr can use gems like Steel Protection, Tailwind, and Ultimate Counter to boost agility, block rates, and deal damage when attacked.

Our Picks For Best Gems

Here is a summary table for the Best Gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

No.Name Type EffectStats of Effect
1Steady StrikerAttack Auto-Attack Speed-15%-40%
2Analyze WeaknessAttackCritical Hit+20-70
3DoublestrikeAttackStrike Twice Chance+15%-40%
4Steel CleaverAttackDamage +20-70
7Steel ProtectionDefenseBlock Rate+5-30
9Ultimate CounterDefenseDamage+280%

Gem Crafting System

Gem Crafting System
Crafting gems has become much more easier now! [Image Captured By Me]
The Gem Crafting System in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 helps the players to put together a bunch of materials and loot items to create gems.

  1. Accessibility: Gem Crafting is now more accessible and user-friendly for both new and experienced players of the Xenoblade series.
  2. Requirements: To craft a gem, you’ll need Ether Cylinders, Gemstones, and items dropped by monsters.
  3. Universal Use: Gems crafted can be used by characters like Isurd and Manana. They are not restricted to specific heroes.
  4. Gem Types: Gems come in various types, including those for attackers and healers. They are also ranked by abilities, often indicated by a Roman numeral.
  5. Higher-Rank Gems: Crafting a higher-ranked gem, like Brimming Spirit III, does not require lower-ranking versions of the same gem. You can create powerful gems without first crafting lower-tier versions.

his system allows players to customize their characters with gems that suit their playstyle and optimize their abilities.

Gems Best Used For Attackers

Heroes come in many forms in the game. They can either be an attack type or a defense type hero such as a healer. Here are some tips for selecting the best gems and heroes:

  1. Auto-Build Feature: Once you’ve unlocked a variety of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Gems, you can use the auto-build feature to automatically select the best gems for each class you switch to. This feature streamlines the process of equipping gems.
  2. Best Gems for Attackers: For attacker classes, gems like Steady Striker, Analyze Weakness, and Doublestrike are among the best choices. They increase auto-attack rates and enhance diamond-based arts, making your character more effective in combat.
  3. Critical Hit Rate: Analyze Weakness is a valuable gem for attacker classes due to its high chance of increasing the critical hit rate. Critical hits can significantly boost damage output.
  4. Damage Buff: Gems like Steel Cleaver can provide a substantial damage buff to attackers, allowing them to deal significant damage to enemies.
  5. Recommended Early-Game Attackers: Manana and Riku are recommended choices for early-game attackers. They excel in continuous damage-dealing combos and possess impressive skills.

They are a comparatively better choice for the start of the game due to their continuous damage-inflicting combos and remarkable skills.

Best Gems For Defenders

Defenders are vital to your team’s survival in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. To build a strong team, consider using the following gems:

  1. Steel Protection and Tailwind: These gems, when equipped by defenders like Zephyr (Mio’s starting class), enhance agility and increase block rate, improving their ability to withstand attacks.
  2. Ultimate Counter Gem: This gem allows your character to retaliate with a portion of the damage they receive, dealing either 80% or 200%+ of the maximum damage taken. It’s an excellent choice for defenders to deal damage in return.

This is all about gems XE3, if you have any questions, let us know in the comments below!

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