Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems [All Types]

This guide will talk about crafting and using the best gems for attackers and defenders and further pressing down on the best heroes for different situations.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 had its fair share of play the following days before its release. From a limited number of characters known as heroes, players can choose or opt for any character they want. After you’re done reading my Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems guide, you’ll be able to play with the best heroes along with the best gems of the game.

Each game has a set of requirements and mechanics that allow it to build interest in the players.

Hence, the concept of Heroes in XC 3 (Xenoblade Chronicles 3) is as important as combat planning. You can further choose to build your own class, which has the potential to dominate the battlefield.

We’ve seen many instants where our heroes are able to pull off special chain attacks.

However, they act as the 7th member of your party. Therefore, they are not directly controlled by the players themselves.

What I mean by that is that these Heroes rely more on the AI system rather than a few of your commands. Furthermore, selecting different Arts for them can be customized through the party menu without switching classes, which was quite annoying.

Before we start with our guide, let me give you some more pointers. For starters, Heroes cannot learn Fusion or Master Arts, which is a bummer.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to select better gear and gems for these Heroes.

Why? Because the game allows them to automatically equip the best gears and gems as they gain experience and level up.

One more thing, Heroes need to be unlocked through certain quests, and you can locate said quests indicated with an exclamation (!) or a question mark(?) on the map.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems

Before we start, let’s discuss the importance of gems and how to craft them. Gems serve special significance to your characters and depend on how they utilize each gem to the best of its use.

We first saw the concept of gems in the first series of Xenoblade. However, the gem crafting system, as a whole, has become more streamlined and smooth as compared to the previous version of the game.

On that note, players can unlock gems when they reach chapter 2 of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

With the feature unlocked, players can explore a complete list of gems and craft the ones they need.

By the time they have reached the limit, they can discover the best gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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Gem Crafting System

Gem Crafting System
Crafting gems has become much more easier now!

The Gem Crafting System in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 helps the players to put together a bunch of materials and loot items to create gems.

The concept of Gem Crafting has become more accessible and much more relaxing for the old players familiar with the concept of the Xenoblade series.

A few requirements for crafting a gem are Ether Cylinders, Gemstones, and items dropped by monsters.

Characters such as Isurd and Manana can use any type of gems you craft. It does not require a specific hero/character to equip.

Moreover, types of gems vary from attacker to healer. They also rank in their abilities and are sometimes indicated by a Roman number.

For instance, if you craft a Brimming Spirit III, you will not need a lower-ranking Brimming Spirit.

With that said, higher-ranking gems, once crafted, do not require you to spend more on crafting the best gems in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Gems Best Used For Attackers

Heroes come in many forms in the game. They can either be an attack type or a defense type hero such as a healer.

When you have unlocked almost all types of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems, you can always use the auto-build feature of the game to select the best gems for each class you switch.

What I mean by that is that you do not always have to equip gems when you change a character’s class. A simple button can help you with the best option.

Gems such as Steady Striker, Analyze Weakness, and Doublestrike are the best options to choose from the rest when working on an attacker class.

Why? Because these gems can significantly increase the rate of your auto-attacks. They also allow your character to avail the best diamond-based arts seamlessly.

What better way to win a fight than not having a high critical hit rate? Analyze Weakness is a pretty hefty and neat gem to be equipped to an attacker class due to its high chance of increased critical hit rate.

Gems such as the Steel Cleaver can be the perfect damage buff for an attacker, causing them to deal insane damage to the enemies!

Apart from that, the best attackers you can use early on in the game are Manana and Riku.

They are a comparatively better choice for the start of the game due to their continuous damage-inflicting combos and remarkable skills.

Best Gems For Defenders

Defenders are the core of your team; without them, you will not survive much longer in the game.

Therefore, you need to build a stronghold for your team so that they can survive longer in the field and more.

Players often ask questions such as “What are some of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems?” For that matter, we are here to provide answers to the best of our abilities.

Defenders such as Zephyr (Mio’s starting class ) can use Steel Protection and Tailwind to their advantage as these gems are perfect due to their increased agility.

Furthermore, allowing the defenders to increase their block rate exponentially. Another gem you can use for any of your defenders is the Ultimate Counter gem.

It allows your character to dish out a chunk of damage, either 80% or 200%+ of the maximum damage dealt to you. This means that your character, upon taking damage, will deal a small portion of damage in return!

Even without the gem system, the game has a lot to offer. Exploring different chain attacks, gaining efficient rewards, and Affinity makes the game more intriguing and alluring to play.

As mentioned above, gems play an important role in the game, which is why we had to make an efficient but small list of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Best Gems!

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