Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex – Definitive Guide

xenoblade Rex
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 - Rex.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest instalment in the highly popular Xenoblade franchise of games. Like the other Chronicles games before it, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an open-world action-adventure role-playing game, with a large emphasis on its story and characters. As such, there are many new characters and mention of several old characters, one of which is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex.

Spoilers For The Ending Of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Follow

Rex was the main protagonist of the previous game, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, released in December 1st, 2017. The end of the game was conclusive but also somewhat open to interpretation, and it was unclear exactly what happened to Rex and the different relationships he had with the people around him.

However, the final cutscene of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 provides a lot of context and information on what happened to Rex, making for a heartwarming, wholesome conclusion to the Xenoblade Chronicles saga. However, to fully understand the implications of the Rex cameo, it is first important to understand his history.

Key Takeaways

  • Rex is the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and is a Driver who wields the Blade Pyra, and blades are human weapons created when a Driver resonates with a Core Crystal.
  • Rex dedicates himself to protecting Pyra & returning her to her home, the fabled land of Elysium.
  • Rex’s physical appearance includes short brown hair and golden-colored eyes, and his outfit changes into a futuristic white and green one when he becomes the Master Driver.
  • Rex was found washed up on the beaches of Fonsett Village with his mother when he was about two years old. He was raised by Corinne & the other townspeople, and the Titan Azurda, who he called Gramps.
  • Rex worked as a salvager on the back of the Titan on the Cloud Sea when he turned 15. He was offered a high-paying salvage job by the Argentum Trade Guild, which took him to the Ancient Ship, where he found Pyra, a blade, and was killed by Jin.
  • Pyra revived Rex by splitting half her life force with him on the condition that he ensures that he takes her to Elysium.
  • Rex, Pyra, and Nia escaped the Gormott Province Arc, where they were attacked by a machine known as the Ophion, and the ship was obliterated when the Titan Uraya Arc swallowed it.
  • At Praetorium Arc, Rex & Pyra head towards Elysium with the group; Zeke joins the party after previously challenging them. Amalthus reminds Rex of Malos and offers to help control Ophion.
  • Rex loses his motivation after Jin kidnaps Pyra. King Eulogimenos tells Rex about the existence of a Third Aegis sword. The salvagers embark on a journey to the Spirit Crucible Elpys Arc. This is where Nia reveals herself to be a Flesh Eater.
  • Rex fights Jin and Malos at the Cliffs of Morytha. Rex communicates with Pyra’s and Mythra’s spirits, allowing them to combine into Pneuma.
  • Pneuma defeats Jin and Malos, but the ruins are destroyed, causing the party to fall into the Cloud Sea. Rex awakened Mythra, who helped the group to create an alliance in their journey to Elysium Arc and proceed to the World Tree through its roots.

Who is Rex?

Rex is the main playable character and the male lead of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Rex is a Driver and has found the power of a Blade called Pyra, also known as the fabled Aegis. 

Drivers and Blades go hand in hand, and both need to be understood to truly understand either. Blades are essentially human weapons that are created when a Driver resonates with a Core Crystal. Touching a Core Crystal awakens the Blade. Blades offer their wielders, i.e the Drivers, with varying abilities and weapons.

Blades differ in several ways, including their elemental damage type (e.g Fire) as well as the martial arts techniques that the Driver can use, which are known as Blade Arts. A Driver can have several different kinds of Blades, giving them a multitude of tactical options in battle. 

xenoblade chronicles 3 Aegis
The Aegis Swords Of Pyra And Mythra

Although Blades are essentially immortal, the life force of Blades is linked to their Core Crystals. If the Driver dies, the Blades return to dormancy in their Core Crystals. If the Core Crystal is fragmented, however, the healing ability of the Blade is severely diminished. In case the Core Crystal is destroyed, the Blade dies.

After Rex finds Pyra, he dedicates himself to protecting her and return her to her home, the fabled land of Elysium. 

Rex In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

At the end of the game, it is revealed through a picture that Rex married Pyra, Mythra and Nia, and had children with all 3. However, at some indeterminate point in time, Rex and most of his comrades pass away due to natural causes and old age. The only ones confirmed to remain alive are the Flesh Eater Nina and the Artificial Blade Poppi.

At the very end of the game, Nia and Poppi are reunited, and happily watch a picture that has a group photo of all of them, and Rex with Pyra, Mythra and Nia, and all of their children. The other comrades are also present in the picture.

xenoblade chronicles 3 rex picture
The Picture With Rex, Nia, Mythra And Their Children

Keep reading for a recap on Rex’s story, and how he ended up meeting his comrades as well as the Blades he married.

Physical Appearance

Rex resembles a young teen in appearance, with short brown hair and golden coloured eyes. Once Rex finds and awakens Pyra, a segment of her Core Crystal starts showing on his chest, in the shape of an X. Rex’s standard attire comprises of brown, blue and gold salvager gear donned on blue clothes. Moreover, the blue clothes are not visible when Rex is salvaging. On his left arm, Rex carries an anchor, and also wears a diving helmet.

Once Rex becomes the Master Driver, Rex’s outfit changes into a more futuristic looking white and green outfit, similar to Pneuma’s. The general silhouette of the new armor remains the same, being functionally purposed for salvaging.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex Outfits
Rex’s Various Outfits

Story of Rex In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Early Life

Information of Rex’s early life is largely unknown. When Rex was about two years old, him and his mother were found washed up on the beaches of Fonsett Village. Although Rex survived, his mother did not. His father’s body was found nearby, in the Leftherian Archipelago. Both parents were buried together in the Oratory Knoll Cemetery.

Rex was raised in Fonsett Village under the care and guidance of Corinne and the other townspeople, as well as the Titan Azurda, who Rex referred to as Gramps. By the time Rex turned 15, he was working full-time as a salvager, living on the back of the Titan on the Cloud Sea.

Ancient Ship Arc

Rex visits the Argentum Trade Guild, where he is offered a high-paying salvage job contracted through an organization called Torna, under the Chairman of Argentum. As a result, Rex joins the other members of the C.S.E.V Maelstrom ship on the way to the Ancient Ship. 

The Ancient Ship was at one point a Torran ship that belonged to Addam. Once the Aegis War ended, Pyra, the Aegis, was trapped inside it and sunk along with the ship. This was done because Torran believed that Pyra must only be awoken when mankind truly deserved her power. 

xenoblade chronicles 3 rex pyra

Once the team reaches the Ancient Ship, Jin orders Rex to accompany them inside the ship, whose doors are only openable by the Leftherians. Once the doors open, Rex steps inside to find a sword and a young woman in stasis. Rex walks up to the woman and touches the Core Crystal by mistake, and Jin suddenly attacks Rex by stabbing him through the heart, killing him.

Rex awakens after an indeterminate period of time on an open green field, with the girl from the ship standing underneath a tree on a hill some distance away from him. Rex approaches her, and she introduces herself as Pyra, a blade, and tells him to his anguish that he has been murdered. The place they are in is in Pyra’s memories of the mystical paradise known as Elysium.

Pyra offers to make a deal with Rex; she can revive him by splitting half her life force with him, on the condition that he ensures that he takes her to Elysium, which rests on top of the World Tree. Rex agrees, and as a result, is revived by Pyra. Afterwards, the duo confront Malos to try and save the other salvagers from suffering the same fate, and are joined by Nia, who was already severely distraught over Rex’s death.

The salvagers escape, but a Torna ship arrives and begins attacking them, however, the salvagers are saved by Azurda, who saves Rex, Pyra, Nia and Dromach from the attacks. However, Azurda is wounded in the escape, and the salvagers all wind up in different parts of the Gormott Province.

xenoblade chronicles 3 rex elysium

Gormott Province Arc

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex wakes up close to Pyra, and find Azurda severely injured and on the verge of death. Despite his severe injuries, however, he regenerates and morphs into a tiny nymph-esque creature that can fit inside Rex’s helmet. After the trio reunite with Nia, they journey to her hometown of Torigoth.

However, the group finds themselves in a predicament. Nia is recognized as a member of Torna, and considered a terrorist, which leads to her capture by the Ardainian forces occupying Torigoth. They are occupying Torigoth in order to lure Rex there, intending to confiscate Pyra for their own uses.

xenoblade chronicles 3 rex nia

Rex is aided by a local Nopon named Tora, who is against the forced tyranny of the Ardainians and is attempting to create his own Artificial Blade. With the help of Tora, the salvagers are able to rescue Nia and safely escape Gormott aboard a Titan ship bound for the World Tree. However, during the journey, they are attacked by a massive machine known as the Ophion, and the ship is obliterated when the Titan Uraya swallows it completely.

Uraya Arc

Inside the Uraya, the party is met by Vandham, the leader of a mercenary group, who offers to help them after recognizing Rex’s combat capabilities. Vandham serves as somewhat of a father figure to Rex, and guides him on war and conflict when he realizes that Rex has little knowledge about Blades and what it means to be a Driver.

The group is led by Vandham to Fonsa Myma to meet a friend of his, named Cole, as Vandham thinks Cole will know about climbing the World Tree. In the meanwhile, however, Pyra goes to confront Malos and Akhos inside the Olethro Ruins, after they kidnap Cole’s granddaughter. However, Rex chooses to pursue Pyra to aid her in the fight, but loses horribly, which leads Vandham to intervene to try and save Rex.

In saving Rex, However, Vandham dies, which forces Rex to awaken Mythra and her power. Mythra succesfully defeats Malos and Akhos, but is extremely angry at Rex for his foolishness, and Rex himself is heartbroken at Vandham’s death.

xenoblade chronicles 3 Malos And Jin
Malos And Jin

Following Vandham’s funeral proceedings, Rex obtains Roc’s Core Crystal and also leadership of the mercenary company. Cole suggests that the salvagers go to the Indoline Praetorium where they will be able to meet his original Driver, Amalthus, through the Empire of Mor Ardain.

When they are in Mor Ardain, the group comes under attack by Morag, but the salvagers choose to help her thwart the sale of artificial blades to Torna. As a result, Morag joins the group, and they meet the Goddess of the Praetorium, who leads the way towards the Praetorium.

Praetorium Arc 

Later, the group halts at Fonsett Village in Leftheria, where Rex shows Pyra his parents’ graves, and reaffirms his will to lead her to Elysium. On the last ship to Indol, Zeke, who had previously challenged the group in Mor Ardain and Uraya on the basis of stealing Pyra, once again stands against them, and reveals himself as a Tantalese Prince and an envoy of the Praetorium, and thus joins the party.

xenoblade chronicles 3 rex amalthus

Rex then meets the Praetor Amalthus at Indol, who reminds Rex of Malos, although Rex admits to himself that this is likely because Amalthus was Malos’ Driver. While the group is at Mor Ardain, a Titan weapon that was being excavated by Mor Ardain in Temperantia is used by Jin, who uses it to attack the Urayan soldiers. The salvagers all rush to stop him, however, Fan la Norne is stabbed in the process and dies.

After the chaos resulting from Jin’s intervention dies down, Amalthus tells Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex that it may be possible to gain control of Ophion through the use of the Omega Fetter in the Kingdom of Tantal.

Once the group reaches there, they are able to save Pyra from the clutches of King Eulogimenos, who attempted to kill her as he believed her to be of malicious intent. Afterwards, the group journeys down towards the Omega Fetter inside Genbu’s head.

Unexpectedly, however, the group is ambushed by Torna and defeated by Jin, who, in a surprise twist, reveals himself to be a Blade that can control elementary particles. He cruelly once again kidnaps Pyra and the Fetter, and mocks Rex by telling him that it is his fault that Pyra and the Fetter suffer. Rex is severely injured and spends the next few days healing in Theosoir, with the Aegis sword shattered.

Spirit Crucible Elpys Arc

The defeat by Jin’s hand as well as the kidnapping of Pyra utterly destroys Rex’s motivation and self-esteem. Once he wakes up and recovers, he tells the others that he has given up on his mission, and desires to return to Argentum. Nia, Poppi and Brighid, however, do their best to remind him that Pyra was willing to sacrifice her life for Rex, and that he cannot give up at such a crucial moment.

Their conversation is interrupted by Pandoria, who tells them that King Eulogimenos has something to say to Rex. The King tells Rex that there exists a Third Aegis sword, which was left behind by Addam, and Rex is also told the location of it by Azurda; it lies in the Spirit Crucible Elpys. 

Spirit Crucible Elpys
Spirit Crucible Elpys

Once the salvagers reach there, they engage with Addams phantoms, and Nia reveals herself to be a Flesh Eater, once she trusts Rex enough with her secret. Flesh Eaters are a special kind of genetically engineered blade that have been fused with humanoid cells to make them stronger. After the battle with the phantoms, Addam’s soul believes Rex to be worthy enough of the power of the Aegis, and advises Rex to understand Pyra and Mythra further to truly harness their power.

Despite the fact that they were unable to get the sword as they hoped, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex was able to figure out the location of Pyra, as he shares half of her life crystal. With a new-found motivation, the salvagers embark on a journey to the Cliffs of Morytha to save Pyra and Mythra, and take them to Elysium.

Cliffs Of Morytha Arc

Upon reaching the Cliffs of Morytha, Rex finds Jin and Malos, and fights them. During the battle, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex communicates with Pyra’s and Mythra’s spirits, reassuring them that he will fight til the end to protect them.

Reconciling with the duo allows them to combine into an ascended form called Pneuma, making Rex their Master Driver. With this new found power, Pneuma and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex are able to overpower and defeat Jin. 


Malos calls upon Ophion, whose control he had taken with the Omega Fetter, and attacks them. Pneuma counters the attack through Siren. As a result of their battle, the two Artifices destroy the ruins, which causes the salvagers to fall into the Cloud Sea underneath.

Rex awakens in the Land of Morytha, under the Cloud Sea, and finds Mythra sleeping beside him. Once she wakes up, Rex explains the situation to her, and they proceed with finding the other members of the party. They find Jin first, with him being severely inured due to the Core Crystal being damaged in the process of trying to defeat a Guldo.

Rex and Mythra choose to let past grievances go and help him, which creates a tense but stable alliance. Once the trio find the rest of the party, they proceed through what remains of the Tornan Titan, and after separating from Jin, reach the World Tree through its roots. Pneuma opens the elevator, and the group begin the final leg of the journey to reach Elysium.

On the way inside the elevator, Amalthus suddenly appears, in control of Indol, and attacks Torna’s Marsanes. Amalthus, with the power as the Driver of an Aegis as well as half of Fan’s Core Crystal, takes control of Genbu, Mor Ardain and Uraya. Amalthus also tries to use Siren through Mythra, but Rex, with his own ability as Master Driver, is able to stop him.

Rex and Pneuma, with assistance from Poppi, are able to close the distance to the Indoline Titan. Pneuma slows down time which gives Rex the opportunity to destroy the amplification towers that Amalthus uses to increase his power. Upon reaching the top-most level of the World Tree, Rex and the other salvagers meet Jin once again, who intends to gauge Rex’s determination one final time. 

The duo win against Jin, and he explains to Rex his admiration for Blades, and wants to ask the architect the reason for their existence. The conversation is interrupted by Amalthus who, in his monstrous Blade Eater form, kills Patroka and Akhos.

Out of selfish desire to be the only one to meet the Architect, Amalthus threatens to destroy the entire World Tree. Jin finds that resolutions are now clear, and sacrifices himself to kill Amalthus. The salvagers stand in awe of Jin for a moment, then take the elevator to Elysium.

Elysium Arc

The elevator stops at the First Low Orbit Station. After going through hallways and corridors, they finally reach Elysium, but it is not the haven they assumed it to be. Instead of the grassy fields that Rex saw in Pyra’s dream, they find desolated ruins. Although Rex is at first dejected, he eventually composes himself and leads the party towards a church in the distance.

Inside the church they hear a voice that leads them through a passage underground. Once the party descends, Rex suddenly finds himself alone, and is attacked by ghosts resembling his friends.

Running away from these phantoms, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Rex warps into a place that looks like Corinne’s house, and is taunted by Pyra and Mythra, who confuse him by acting like each other.

Rex eventually loses his cool and breaks down, and upon Pyra’s pleading, the Architect stops the shenanigans that he was using to test Rex’s resolve. Rex finds himself in the Architect’s Room along with the other salvagers, and meets thee Architect for the first time.

The Architect

The Architect is an aged, cyborg-type human that is missing his right half. He introduces himself as Klaus and tells the group the history of Alrest, along with explaining the cycle of Blades and Titans.

As a result of hearing all this, in gratitude, Rex thanks Klaus for giving them life, and the party go to Aion Hangar for the battle against Malos.

In the battle against Artifice Aion, Rex confronts Malos and tells him that Jin did not wish to die, but wanted to connect with Malos. Meanwhile, Rex strikes a fatal blow on Aion, which causes Malos’ Core Crystal to be destroyed. Despite their differences and conflict, Rex feels remorseful for Malos, and states that if he was the Driver, this could have ended differently.

Once Malos is defeated, the Conduit disappears, which causes the Orbital Stations to begin falling. The salvagers head to the control room, upon Pneuma’s instruction, and then realize that they are at the escape pods, with Pneuma planning to sacrifice herself to save them and destroy both the World Tree and Orbital Station in the process.

Rex attempts to stop her, but is unsuccessful, and accepts Pneuma’s decision, getting the other half of her Core Crystal and losing his Master Driver abilities in the process.

The escape pod starts disintegrating, but Azurda manages to save the party by going back to his Titan farm as a result of Pneuma’s efforts. They fly above the surface, and see Titans merging with the land below, creating a new world.

As this happens, Pneuma’s core crystal starts glowing in Rex’s hand, and in a flash of light, both Pyra and Mythra appear in front of Rex. After a push from Nia, Rex steps towards them, and the game ends.

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