Xenoblade 3 Soul Hacker: The Definitive Guide

Complete guide on how to build your very own Soul Hacker Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Soul hacker class is one of the 12 attacker classes in the game. The Soul hacker is a unique class that allows you to use a range of battle techniques by stealing skills and arts from several foes you come across.

Of all 19 unlockable hero classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Soul hacker is easily one of the most interesting and flexible to have in your party setup. You’ll unlock the ability to use Soul hacker by recruiting Defiant Triton into your party. Let’s take a look at how to do this as well as the ins and outs of the class itself.

  • The Soul Hacker is a type of attacker class in the game “Xenoblade Chronicles 3”.
  • To unlock the Soul Hacker class, players must recruit Defiant Triton in the Cadensia Region during Chapter 5
  • Any character can use the Soul Hacker class, but Lanz and Mio are particularly effective in it
  • The Soul Hacker does not have its own set of Skills or Arts, instead it gains new Arts and Skills by defeating Named Monsters
  • The Soul Hacker can be leveled up to Rank 10 by using Silver Nopon Coins
  • Each time a Unique Monster is defeated, the Soul Hacker class gains a new Art or Skill, which can be used by any character using the Soul Hacker class. This information is recorded in the “Soul Hack List” located in the Heroes section of the main menu.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Soul Hacker Guide

Soul Hacker Basic Information

Role Default Character Attack Defense Health Support
Attacker Triton B B B B

How to Unlock Soul hacker

To unlock the Soul hacker class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need to head towards the Cadensia Region during Chap 5. In order to begin the Colony 15 liberation quest, you must first travel to Ishan Isle and find the golden “?” quest sign there.

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You must first go from Ishan Isle to Hargan Point Camp in order to do this. This will set off a chain of events that will take you to Colony 15 and the “Doing It My Way” quest. You can play around with Triton and his Soul hacker ability once you complete the quest’s tasks.

Best Soul hacker Characters

Any character can use the Soul hacker class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 because it is not restricted to a single role. Nevertheless, you may select the skills you acquire based on your playstyle and concentrate on having a variety of playstyles.

Lanz and Mio make the most effective Soul hacker characters. They can readily unlock Soul Hacker Master talents thanks to their high-class rating.

You can no longer steal enemy art by using the Soul hacker class if you have the Soul Hacker Master Skill.

How To Use Soul Hack

In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Soulhacker is totally distinct from every other class. It lacks its own unique Skills and does not fall into any predefined category (Attacker, Defender, or Healer).

Furthermore, you cannot incorporate any earlier Arts into your loadout for Fusion Arts with this Class; it only has three Arts, to begin with. This is so that the Soulhacker can learn new Arts and Skills by eliminating opponents.

There are some important things to remember, though, before you start killing every beast in the wild in search of new skills. First and foremost, only slaying Named Monsters will provide Soul hackers access to new Skills and Arts.

Powerful creatures like this frequently have orange accents around their health bars and wander open areas. Since defeating them takes a little more planning and attention, they are occasionally referred to as Raid monsters.

Second, you don’t necessarily need to be in the Soul hacker class to get these new abilities. If you really want to get more variety and power out of this Class without hampering your party composition, there is a trick.

First, boost the Soul hacker’s Rank to 10. You can easily do this by spending a bunch of Silver Nopon Coins you’ve been collecting throughout the game.

Once you do that, set up your characters in your preferred Classes, but equip one of them with the Soul Hack Skill – which you unlocked by hitting Rank 10. Just one character needs to have this Skill equipped.

Now, just fast-travel to older areas, tear through Named Monsters, and you’ll unlock abilities for the Soul hacker. You should see a “Soul Hacked” message once you’ve beaten the monster.

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Each Unique Monster that you defeat whilst running with a Soul hacker in your squad will grant you a new art/skill that can then be used by any character using the Soul hacker class going forward.

There are around 140 Unique Monsters in the game and in order to help you track which arts and skills you’ve unlocked you can head to the Heroes section of the main menu and then hit “Y” to bring up the Soul Hack List. Here you’ll find details for everything you’ve unlocked split into sections for Arts and Skills.

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Your Soul Hack List also has the unique function of showing you which monsters you’ve already beaten, which ones you’ve found but haven’t yet battled, and which ones you’ll have to fight again in order to unlock their arts and talents.

Yes, sadly, you will need to fight every creature you have already defeated before obtaining the Soul Hack ability in order to learn their techniques. This may be done much more quickly by traveling directly to their graves.

Also keep in mind that if you come across a Unique Monster while exploring but aren’t quite ready to battle it, you may highlight it and the area they inhabit will be added to your Soul Hack List, making it a little bit simpler to find them later on.

Yes, this option providing a precise pinpoint position for the beast on your in-game map would’ve been more convenient, but it’s still an improvement over nothing and can help you get 100% by making it a bit simpler to take down the final few creatures.

For what kind of various builds, you can make with the Soul hacker, there are a ton. The Class is highly flexible, it even includes special Role Skills you can equip if you want to push your character more towards offense, defense, or support.

For the unlocked Skills and Arts, mixing and matching them can lead to some highly specialized powerhouses. This is because several of the Skills can provide powerful debuffs to certain enemy types. Slap those debuffs into an offensive Fusion Art and you can punch through armor like a champ.

The same goes for more defensive and healing strategies as well. Overlapping AOE buffs and healing, powerful interchanging Block and Evade boosts, the list goes on.

Soul Hack Master Skill

You’ll gain access to the incredibly useful ability to steal Unique Monster arts and talents without utilizing a Soulhacker after you’ve rated the Soulhacker class up to level 10. We advise picking Mio or Lanz to rank up Soulhacker because their high-class rating will move things along quite quickly.

If you’re in a rush, you may also spend a lot of Nopon coins to rank up right away, but that depends on how big of a rush you’re in.

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From here, it is just a matter of reviewing all of the different arts and talents you have achieved and selecting the ones that are most suited for the character you are currently using. The real fun in the Soulhacker class is experimenting, grabbing new skills from monsters, and trying them out until you find a build that suits your playstyle.

Of course, you can choose to Auto-Build to fill in all of this stuff automatically. However, there are some extremely potent buffs and monster-specific debuffs to mix and match. Happy Hunting!

Soul hacker Arts

There is just one talent Art that can be used on any character

Final Countdown: It boosts damage dealt for each Soul hacker Art or Skill Learned to a single target.

The rest of the Arts for the Soul hacker mentioned below are exclusive to Triton only

  • Captain Strike: 40% chance to ignore the defense of a single target.
  • Ultra-Boost: Boosts damage dealt by 50% and damage is taken by 25% to Self.
  • Pirate Lariat: Topples an enemy.
  • Peril Punch: Boosts damage deal when attacking from the side by 120%.
  • Magnificent Fist: Other arts recover 25% recharge when Art hits.

Soulhacker skill list

The Soulhacker class in Xenoblade 3 relies on enemy skills to increase flexibility and damage output depending on which skills you use. The skills you can steal are listed below

The Grace of the Land

  • Effects: This skill reduces damage taken by allies in a fixed radius by 20%

Air Body

  • Effects: The character’s agility is increased by 10%

Emergency turbo

  • Effects: When an ally is low on HP, the character’s Healing Arts recharge rate is increased by 30%

Mimicry technique

  • Effects: When an ally is taken down, aggro on you is reduced by 60%

Counter Puncher

  • Effects: When dodging, there is a 6% chance to get a Power Charge.

Systematic defense

  • Effects: When non-defenders are targeted, their recharge speed is increased by 36%

Victim Healing

  • Effects: When shot down, heals all allies for 60% of their HP

Monarch’s Heart

  • Effects: Increases your character’s maximum HP by 10%

Non-stop barrage

  • Effects: When an art is active, resistance to combos and reactions is increased by 60%

Just a moment

  • Effects: When you receive a buff, you also regenerate 3% of the maximum HP
  • Location: Migratory Circe unique creature (level 14)

Mega Shout

  • Effects: When an ally is low on HP, your character has a 60% chance to inflict Target Lock on enemies. This skill has a cooldown.

Underworld Rage

  • Effects: Whenever an ally is shot down, this skill increases damage by 60% (stacks up to 200%).

Strike Shirker

  • Effects: When an art is active, a character’s evasion is increased by 30%.

Royal Charisma

  • Effects: Each time an art hits, the duration of knockdown, pause, launch, and confusion is increased.

Fantastic growth

  • Effects: Increases damage in proportion to time spent in a battle.

Sand smoke

  • Effects: Every time an auto attack hits, this skill reduces self-aggro by 2%.

Dangerous claws

  • Effects: This skill increases Critical Rate by 10% and Critical Damage by 30%.

Warm soul

  • Effects: 50% chance to survive a knockout with 1 HP and five seconds of invincibility (once per match).

Burning morality

  • Effects: After defeating an enemy in battle, heal all allies for 50% of their maximum HP.

Double-horn pressure

  • Effects: This skill increases Aggro every second for your character.

Heavy armor

  • Effects: This skill increases physical defense and ether defense by 5%.

The Apothecary’s Wisdom

  • Effects: This skill increases the amount of HP healed from using healing Arts by 20%.

Heavenly conqueror

  • Effects: When at max HP, this skill increases your character’s damage by 20%.

Creeping predator

  • Effects: When attacking from behind, your character damage is increased by 15%.

Queenly Pride

  • Effects: This skill increases damage depending on the number of enemies targeting your character (can stack up to 300%)

Required Shell

  • Effects: When blocking, this skill allows your character to increase aggro and deal 100% attack damage.

Royal Aide

  • Effects: For each ally killed, this skill allows your characters to revive at an increased rate.

Strength support

  • Effects: Increases the effect of buffs on the character by 25%.

Attack Heal

  • Effects: When an auto attack hits, heal yourself to a maximum of 100% HP.

Power Pick-Me-Up

  • Effects: When you take no damage for a period of time, this skill increases your character’s damage by 30%

Battle fever

  • Effects: When you defeat an enemy, there is an 80% chance to gain an awakening and critical buff.

Reckless attack

  • Effects: Increases damage by 25% at the cost of HP reduced to half maximum.
  • Location: Navigator Helios (level 48)

Wolf spirit

  • Effects: For each ally of the same role, this skill increases your character’s auto-attack speed.

Wild trends

  • Effects: This skill gives your character 30% resistance to all debuffs.

Attack Championship

  • Effects: For each Soulhacker art or skill learned, this skill increases damage dealt to enemies.

Defensive mastery

  • Effects: For each Soulhacker art or skill learned, this skill reduces damage taken from enemies.

Healing Mastery

  • Effects: For each Soul hacker art or skill learned, that skill increases healing rate.

Energy efficiency

  • Effects: This skill increases healing Art recharge faster by 30% at the cost of reducing its effect by 30%.
  • Location: Turbulent Martinez (level 43)

Tactical eye

  • Effects: For each enemy in battle, this skill increases damage by 10% (stacks up to 200%).

Excessive armor

  • Effects: Increases the chance to block enemy combo reactions by 30%.
  • Location: Taskmaster Imperion (level 49)

Sense of danger

  • Effects: When an ally is shot down, there is a 75% chance to receive 4 random buffs.

Defense time

  • Effects: When recharge for all arts is exhausted, this skill reduces damage taken by 10%.

Instant charging

  • Effects: When an ally is shot down, this skill increases your Arts recharge gain by 60%.

Drain guard

  • Effects: When blocking, this skill increases the recharge speed of a randomly equipped artefact by 6%

Surprise attack

  • Effects: When an enemy performs arts, increase damage against them by 30%

Reserve Life

  • Effects: When low on HP, instantly restore 30% of maximum HP. This skill has a cooldown.

Revenge Impetus

  • Effects: After being revived, this skill applies target lock to all enemies. This skill has a cooldown.

Super explosion

  • Effects: When lowered, this skill deals 1000% of attack damage against all nearby enemies.


  • Effects: After being revived, this skill allows you to deal 60% more damage and take 20% less damage for a limited time.

Scattered Healing

  • Effects: When you take damage, this skill has a 25% chance to heal nearby allies.

Damage share

  • Effects: When low on HP, a random ally will take 25% boosted damage you take.

Eagle Rush

  • Effects: This skill increases the attack speed of the auto-attack chain. The auto-attack interval has also been shortened.

Shock on a large scale

  • Effects: Increases the radius of AoE Arts by 50%.

Action Reaction

  • Effects: When hit by a combo reaction, all Art’s recharge speed is increased by 30%.


  • Effects: This skill increases the damage of Attack Arts that are fully recharged.
  • Location: Certain Vatslav unique creature (level 43)

Deflector plate

  • Effects: When blocking, this skill adds a 10% chance to reflect enemy attacks.
  • Location: Thunderclap Dalton (level 43)

Aquatic Warrior

  • Effects: When in water, the character’s damage is increased by 30%

Breath of an era

  • Effects: When in water, the character’s recharge speed is increased by 20%.

Terran warrior

  • Effects: When on land, the character’s damage is increased by 30%.

One with the country

  • Effects: When on land, increases recharge speed by 20%.

Debuff counts

  • Effects: Reduces the duration of a debuff on a character by 30%

Recharge Cheer

  • Effects: When using Art, there is a 10% chance of not consuming the charge.

Mano a Mano Evasion

  • Effects: When attacked by an enemy, increases the evasion rate by 10%.

Berserker mindset

  • Effects: Deal 30% more damage at the cost of taking 15% more damage.

Magical Transmutation

  • Effects: When you have an active debuff, the damage of a character increases by 25%.


  • Effects: When you defeat an enemy, the damage is reduced by 5% (stacks up to 20%).

The flexibility itself

  • Effects: When quick move is active, increases evasion by 20%
  • Location: Craven Piggard (level 38)

Accelerating attack

  • Effects: Increases damage by 25% when using an art while Quick Move is active.

Blasting Stomp

  • Effects: Deals 100% of attack damage to any enemy in a 5m radius when Quick Move is activated.

Naturally guarded

  • Effects: Increases block rate by 20%.

Accelerator organ

  • Effects: 5% chance for your attack to be a guaranteed hit and avoid the enemy’s attack during it.

Ultranull Shield

  • Effects: Adds a 3% chance to negate damage when blocking.

Physical absorber

  • Effects: Adds a 15% chance to absorb a physical attack when blocking.

Spiritual Absorber

  • Effects: Adds a 15% chance to absorb an ether attack when blocking.
  • Location: Budding Francis unique creature (level 32)

The Emperor of Violence

  • Effects: Attack is boosted by 10%

Queen of Mercy

  • Effects: Healing is boosted by 10%

Deeply tactical

  • Effects: Increases TP by 5 at the start of the chain attack.

Positional striker

  • Effects: Positional art that can be set in the art palette is increased by 1.

Dodge Acceleration

  • Effects: When dodging, you add a 6% chance to grant Fast Recharge

That’s it for this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Soul Hacker Class Guide, we hope this helps on your adventures! Be sure to check more of our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guides.

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