Xenoblade 3 Soul Hacker: Skills, Unlock & Arts

Complete guide on how to build your very own Soul Hacker Class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Soul hacker class is one of the 12 attacker classes in the game. The Soul hacker is a unique class that allows you to use a range of battle techniques by stealing skills and arts from several foes you come across.

Of all 19 unlockable hero classes in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the Soul hacker is easily one of the most interesting and flexible to have in your party setup. You’ll unlock the ability to use Soul hacker by recruiting Defiant Triton into your party. Let’s take a look at how to do this as well as the ins and outs of the class itself.

  • Soul Hacker is an attacker class in “Xenoblade Chronicles 3.”
  • Unlock by recruiting Defiant Triton in Cadensia Region during Chapter 5.
  • Any character can use Soul Hacker, but Lanz and Mio excel with it.
  • Gains new Arts and Skills by defeating Named Monsters.
  • Level up to Rank 10 using Silver Nopon Coins.
  • Defeating Unique Monsters adds new Arts/Skills, recorded in “Soul Hack List” in the Heroes menu.

Soul Hacker Basic Information

Role Default Character Attack Defense Health Support
Attacker Triton B B B B

How To Unlock Soul Hacker

To unlock the Soul hacker class in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, you need to head towards the Cadensia Region during Chap 5. In order to begin the Colony 15 liberation quest, you must first travel to Ishan Isle and find the golden “?” quest sign there.

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You must first go from Ishan Isle to Hargan Point Camp in order to do this. This will set off a chain of events that will take you to Colony 15 and the “Doing It My Way” quest. You can play around with Triton and his Soul hacker ability once you complete the quest’s tasks.

Best Soul Hacker Characters

Any character can use the Soul hacker class because it is not restricted to a single role. Nevertheless, you may select the skills you acquire based on your playstyle and concentrate on having a variety of playstyles.

Lanz and Mio make the most effective Soul hacker characters. They can readily unlock Soul Hacker Master talents thanks to their high-class rating.

You can no longer steal enemy art by using the Soul hacker class if you have the Soul Hacker Master Skill.

How To Use Soul Hack

the Soulhacker class stands out as unique, lacking its own Skills and predefined role. It can’t incorporate earlier Arts into its loadout for Fusion Arts and starts with only three Arts. Soulhackers learn new Arts and Skills by defeating Named Monsters, which have orange accents around their health bars and often roam open areas.

You don’t need to be in the Soulhacker class to acquire these abilities. To maximize variety and power without affecting your party composition:

  1. Raise the Soulhacker’s Rank to 10 using Silver Nopon Coins.
  2. Set up your characters in preferred classes but equip one with the Soul Hack Skill (unlocked at Rank 10). Only one character needs this Skill.
  3. Fast-travel to older areas, defeat Named Monsters, and unlock Soulhacker abilities. Look for the “Soul Hacked” message after defeating the monster.

This approach allows you to enhance your Soulhacker class without sacrificing your party’s composition.

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Defeating Unique Monsters with a Soulhacker in your squad grants new arts/skills usable by any character in the Soulhacker class. There are roughly 140 Unique Monsters in the game. To track your unlocked arts and skills:

  1. Go to the Heroes section in the main menu.
  2. Press “Y” to access the Soul Hack List.
  3. Here, you’ll find details on everything you’ve unlocked, categorized into sections for Arts and Skills.
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The Soul Hack List serves multiple functions, including tracking defeated, encountered but unbattled, and monsters needing a rematch to unlock their arts and skills. You’ll need to re-fight creatures you’ve previously defeated to learn their techniques, which can be expedited by traveling to their graves.

While exploring, if you encounter a Unique Monster you’re not ready to battle, highlighting it adds the area to your Soul Hack List for easier future tracking. Though having an in-game map pinpointing their locations would be more convenient, this feature helps you achieve 100% completion.

Soul Hack Master Skill

XC3_SoulHacker_MasterSkillsYahya Jamshed – VeryAliGaming | XC3-MasterSkills

Once you’ve leveled the Soulhacker class to level 10, you can steal Unique Monster arts and talents without needing a Soulhacker in your party. Opt for Mio or Lanz to speed up class ranking due to their high-class rating. If you’re in a hurry, you can spend Nopon coins to rank up instantly, depending on your urgency.

Review the acquired arts and talents, selecting those suitable for your current character. The Soulhacker class is about experimenting, acquiring new skills from monsters, and finding a build that fits your playstyle. While Auto-Build is an option, mixing and matching potent buffs and monster-specific debuffs can lead to powerful combinations. Happy hunting!

Soul Hacker Arts

There is just one talent Art that can be used on any character

Final Countdown: It boosts damage dealt for each Soul hacker Art or Skill Learned to a single target.

The rest of the Arts for the Soul hacker mentioned below are exclusive to Triton only

  • Captain Strike: 40% chance to ignore the defense of a single target.
  • Ultra-Boost: Boosts damage dealt by 50% and damage is taken by 25% to Self.
  • Pirate Lariat: Topples an enemy.
  • Peril Punch: Boosts damage deal when attacking from the side by 120%.
  • Magnificent Fist: Other arts recover 25% recharge when Art hits.

That’s it for this Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Soul Hacker Class Guide, we hope this helps on your adventures! Be sure to check more of our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guides.

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