Xenoblade Ethel: Unlock, Skills & Guide

This Xenoblade Ethel guide will inform you about everything related to the character and how to unlock him in your playthrough.

Xenoblade Ethel [Definite Guide]
Xenoblade Ethel

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the latest addition to the Xenoblade universe. In the short span the game has been out; it has already managed to capture the attention of players around the globe due to its mesmerizing characters. The characters have their uniqueness, meaning you need to be informed of them when deciding who to go for. Hence, we provide you with this Xenoblade Ethel guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Xenoblade Ethel is a powerful commander of Colony 4 in the technologically advanced nation of Keves & Ethel; he is a Flash Fencer class attacker with immense attacking potential & a short trade that can deal with multiple enemies simultaneously. 
  • To unlock Xenoblade Ethel, you must complete the No Want of Courage Quest, which involves finding Xenoblade Ethel at Galghour’s Menhir, gathering medical supplies, helping Angus survivors,& delivering the supplies to Colony 4.
  • To reach the Galghour’s Menhir, you’ll need to climb the mountain on which it is located & reach its peak
  • To talk to Xenoblade Ethel, you must complete a cutscene & gather medical supplies.
  • To help the Angus survivors, you need to defeat the monstrous Hunter Volts who are attacking them & keep the survivors safe, then return to Colony 4 with collected supplies.
  • Xenoblade Ethel’s combat arts include Saber Strike, Acceleration,&Swallowtail, while Xenoblade Ethel skills include First Move Wins, Fighting Instinct,&Critical Strike.
  • Chain attacks are also available for Xenoblade Ethel, which can be triggered by spending TP, & can damage enemies enormously.

Here is a summary table for Ethel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3:

No.ClassRole TierCombat ArtsTalent ArtGems Skills
1Flash FencerAttackerS-Cross Impact
-Silver Cyclone
-Million Flash
Saber Strike-Doublestrike
-Empowered Combo
-Analyze Weakness
-First Move Wins
-Fighting Instinct
-Critical Strike
-Capable Hands

Who is Xenoblade Ethel?

Xenoblade Ethel
Xenoblade Ethel

Ethel is a powerful commander of the prestigious Colony 4, which is a part of the nation of Keves. Keves is a technologically advanced nation that transcended the limits of ordinary warfare. It is also the home nation of our protagonist, Noah, and is one of the two major nations in the story.

Ethel is a commander of such a nation and has proved her worth numerous times. Her famous battle of wiping out three different colonial armies with just 100 soldiers has made leaps across the Xenoblade world and cemented her prowess.

Moreover, She even saved Noah and his friends from the soldiers of Agnus, the hometown of Mio. Her act of bravery and courage to protect those children has left her a role model in their eyes. However, having such a powerful character isn’t as easy as it might seem. You must complete the No Want Of Courage Quest to recruit her. The quest might be challenging if you go in blindly, but fortunately, you have this Xenoblade Ethel guide.

How to Unlock Xenoblade Ethel?

Ethel is an Unlockable character in Xenoblade 3 Chronicles. You simply have to participate in the No Want of Courage Quest. Just follow these simple steps, and you will be able to play as Ethel in no time. Note that at some point during this chapter, Ethel will leave your party as she can only be played during the mission.

Make your way to Galghour’s Menhir

This is a very straightforward step. All you have to do is make your way to the Galghour’s Menhir. Here you will find a mountain that you must climb. Once at the apex, you will discover Ethel, which will trigger a cutscene.

Talk to Xenoblade Ethel

Once the cutscene ends, you will be tasked with gathering medical supplies. Even though it seems relatively straightforward, it can take some time to figure out where you have to go. Luckily, we have already found the location for you. Head to the wall of the Great Hand and look around. Here, you will be able to find a small hole that your team can squeeze through. Use it to head to the other side.

Help the Angus Survivors

Once you are on the other side, you will be able to spot a battle. You will find Angus survivors fending off against the monstrous Hunter Volts. Defeat the volts to keep the survivors safe. Once done, pick up the supplies and head back.

Go to Colony 4

With the supplies, head back to colony 4 to deliver them. Ethel will then join your party, and you will also unlock the Flash Fencer Class. However, Ethel will eventually leave your team during this chapter, after which she is no longer playable.

Xenoblade Ethel’s Skillset

Xenoblade Ethel’s Skills

As mentioned, Ethel is a commander and of class Flash Fencer. This is a testament to her strength which is monstrous. She is from the Flash Fencer Class, making her an attacker with immense attacking potential. Her short trade makes her extremely powerful, allowing her to deal with multiple enemies simultaneously.

She can even buff her allies, making the battle easier. Moreover, her primary weapon, the dual rapiers, make her even more of a goliath. These advanced blades easily cut through the enemy’s defense, making them utterly vulnerable to Ethel’s attacks.

However, if you wish to participate in a prolonged battle with a formidable opponent, you will need armor and gear to ensure your survivability.

To make her even more potent, you can use the following arts to wreak havoc upon your enemies.

Combat Arts

Art Area of Effect Effect
Saber Strike Singular Target Physical Damage
Acceleration On Character Faster Auto-Attacks and Arts
Take 25% more damage
Swallowtail Singular Target Attacks from behind do 120% increased damage

Acceleration is a perfect fit for someone in the Flash Fencer class, including Ethel. The increased auto attack speed allows you to deal more damage every trade, and the art speed ensures that you can do this again in the following trade as well. The only downside of this skill is that it further weakens Ethel’s defense and makes her a more vulnerable target.

Swallowtail is also quite good due to the increased damage, which makes it much more worthwhile to do for sneak attacks.


Skill Effect
First Move Wins 40% increased damage in the first 30s
Fighting Instinct Using Talent Arts does 35% increased damage
Critical Strike 40% increased critical hit damage

These skills help Ethel scale in a fight and decimate her opponents. The increased damage makes her so strong in the face of any type of adversity and allows her to emerge victorious. Fighting Instinct gives you an incentive for using Talent Arts like Saber Strike, which is already powerful enough in its own right.

Chain Attacks

Ethel’s initial TP is 25 and, upon completion, provides enormous bonuses. It grants allies a 100% critical damage rate, which is nothing short of a jackpot. The increased damage is sufficient enough to deal with brutal monsters and will allow you to win fights without any losses.

Moreover, her heroic chain provides increased TP by 150% at the start of the chain. This makes a huge difference in your coming attacks that hit like a truck to anyone unlucky enough to receive them.

Ethel’s Kit is nothing short of magnificent and will surely aid you in your battles. Moreover, unlocking Flash Fencer will give you more choice on what type of attacker you want to be. This will help you in adjusting your playstyle and decimating your opponents.

This concludes our Xenoblade Ethel guide. Let us know down below which is your favorite Xenoblade character!

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