YesterMorrow Review

YesterMorrow is probably one of the hardest platforming games of 2020. This 2D platforming game made by Bitmap Galaxy had me raging, but it also did a fantastic job of keeping me playing due to how addictive it is.

In YesterMorrow we play as Yui, who must stop the shadows from corrupting her village and family. The way you progress in the story is very interesting as you have to talk and find places/characters on your own with no objective marker.

This can make things kind of confusing while playing. If you don’t listen to the characters or stop playing the game for a while then you will most likely get lost. You can ask the characters again if you are in need of a reminder on where to go though.

YesterMorrow does have a very interesting story. It was one of the main reasons why I continued to play, just so I could find out what happened next.

Have to go Back to go Forward

One of the game’s main features is the ability to time travel. This mechanic works so well here. You can Time Travel at certain points in the game and will need to do it in order to complete platforming segments and puzzles to progress.

Time travel also changes the world you play in. It goes from the beautiful, full-of-life land before the invasion, to the dark, corrupted world after the shadows invaded. Yui also changes in age when time traveling, as she gets taller or shorter depending on what time you’re in.


There are also little details in the game when time traveling like the time I visited a place that had fish on the wall, but when I went back the only thing there was the skeleton of it.

The music also changes from light and cheerful to dark and almost depressing which I think really helps set the tone of what time you are in.

Massive and Interactive World

YesterMorrow has so many things to do in its world. I spent most of my time in the game exploring the villages and interacting with everyone I saw. I also went back there after time traveling to see what it was like after the invasion. You could really see how much damage the darkness has done, by how lonely the villages are with everyone taken away by the Darkness.

While exploring one time I did have some trouble. I went out but I couldn’t get back to where I was originally. So I had to redo a massive segment of platforming in order to get back to the main story.

Almost A Perfect Platformer ?

The platforming in this game is immense. The amount of puzzles and obstacles you have to face is incredible and do require some skill in order to complete. There was also a number of new mechanics that you had to learn how to use throughout like strong winds.

I did have one trouble with platforming though and that was with Vines/chains. Sometimes I couldn’t grab hold of it while jumping towards them, making me have to restart a big chunk of platforming in order to get back to that chain/vine.

YesterMorrow game

Luckily there is no fall damage and checkpoints are scattered throughout the game, otherwise I might not have been able to get past that segment. Make sure you interact with those checkpoints as if you die you will go back to the one you last interacted with.

Checkpoints in the game did cause me some trouble while playing. The main problem I had was after interacting with a checkpoint down a crevasse. I would get stuck and there was no way for me to go back to the other checkpoint.

This meant I would have to continue going forward and do a massive lap in order to get back where I was. I hope that the developers add a section in a future update so you can access your previous saves in order to not waste anytime in doing (sometimes difficult) platforming segments again.

So many enemies to avoid

YesterMorrow Yui

The platforming does get harder as you progress, with more enemies appearing and each one having different attacks.

In the game there was a massive selection of enemies I had to dodge. There were spiders that you can climb their webs and slugs you can jump on to get a boost. Yui can also be damaged by spikes, dripping acid and other dangerous environmental things.

The darkness can also take hold of these creatures making them tougher. This means Yui cannot touch them or she will lose health. You can clear the darkness from enemies with abilities.

Awesome Abilities

YesterMorrow Yui

Abilities can be found throughout the game as you progress in the story. They really made the game feel more fun as you had to sometimes mix abilities together in order to progress.

You can get Yui a double jump to make her jump even higher as well as a dash that she can use mid flight to get to platforms that are further away. Some abilities are required in order for you to find collectibles in the game.

YesterMorrow Collectibles galore!

There are a ton of collectibles to find in this game. Some are secret chests that contain health upgrades as well as scrolls that provide some lore about your village. Some of these chests are also hidden behind walls, so keep you eyes open. You could also pet a ton of dogs and cats that are scattered across the entire map, up high and down low.

While platforming I discovered things that are known as trials. Trials in this game are like a bonus room, where you must complete an obstacle course full of enemies and platforms. Once completing a Trial, you will be rewarded with a chest.

Difficult Boss Battles

YesterMorrow also has a number of challenging boss fights. These require you to try and work out how to damage these bosses as you watch for their patterns. Some of these boss battles are incredibly difficult though, especially if you haven’t found many health upgrades.

I think that they might be too hard a times but ultimately that just adds to the challenge of it. Some of those boss battles are also replay-able if you fancy another attempt at it. But you would have to be crazy to do that.

The Verdict

YesterMorrow is a challenging game that is perfect for people who enjoy addictive platforming games. With its massive open world for you to explore and tons of collectibles, additional platforming segments and a long, interesting story to keep you hooked.

There was a few things wrong with this game as well, like cutscene glitches & confusing directions when trying to complete the story. But I think in time these problems will be fixed. Even though this game is a bit buggy at times, I would highly recommend giving this game a go if you are in need of a challenge.

YesterMorrow review

Summary: YesterMorrow is a single-player time travelling 2D platformer, mixing action sequences with puzzle elements. Follow the engaging story of Yui, who travels back into the past to save her family and the remnants of a world now trapped in Never-ending Night.

Genres: Platformer

Platforms: Windows, Switch, PlayStation 4 (Review Version), Xbox One

Developers: Bitmap Galaxy

Publishers: Blowfish Studios

Release date: November 5, 2020

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Addictive & challenging gameplay
Interesting story
The ability to time travel & its implementation
Can be extremely difficult and infuriating
Some Checkpoints placements and the save system
Some of the boss battles are incredibly difficult
some bugs & cutscene glitches
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