Zelda Tears of The Kingdom: How To Fuse? [Handy Tips]

Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom has a new concept, fuse weapons to buff them up. Check out the best fusions in the game.

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The Legend of Zelda: The Tears of Kingdom - How To Fuse?

Fuse is a new technique that allows players to combine almost anything in the game, ranging from materials, food items, weapons, shields, bows, and other environmental things like stone boulders.

Using that, you can make powerful or valuable items that help do specific tasks, like destroying stone walls. The same thing also applies to weapons, which buff them depending on the substance.

In this article, I will discuss different types of fusions you can do.

Key Takeaways

  • The “Fuse” ability allows you to combine items or other weapons with a weapon, increasing its stats.
  • You can activate it by pressing the trigger key “L.”
  • It can be divided into three categories based on the primary objects you can fuse with other materials.
  • It practically works on any primary item with other ones like food, boulders, gems, Zonai items, and much more.
  • You can use it to buff up weapons or shields, granting them new prowess to overpower enemies.
  • You can also use it to create tools like hammers.
  • This power can be unlocked once you complete the “In-Isa Shrine” quest on Great Sky Island.

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How To Get Fuse Ability?

In - Isa Shrine Unlocks Fuse Ability in Zelda Tears of Kingdom
In-Isa Shrine Unlocks Fuse Ability
  1. This ability is unlocked once you enter the “In-Isa Shrine,” as you must use it to complete the shrine’s quest.
  2. You will get a brief tutorial on how to apply it in various circumstances.
  3. The first task will be to create a hammer using a stick and boulder to break the stone wall.
  4. The next one will be to fight an enemy using an enhanced weapon.
  5. You will have many options to enhance your weapon, such as using the stone boulder hammer or making a spiked long stick.
  6. Another interesting thing is the fire arrows, which are made from fire fruit. Use it to burn the small wooden shelf and drop the bonus chest.

How To Fuse Items & Weapons?

Activating "Fuse"
Activating “Fuse”

Once you exit the shrine, you can equip it by holding the “Ltrigger key on your switch. It will open the abilities section, and then you can select it by moving your “Right Stick.”

  1. Activate the ability by pressing the same trigger button, “L,” and you will see options to combine different stuff.
  2. Press the “Y” button to fuse the weapon with the item on the ground.
  3. Press the trigger “ZL” to fuse the shield with the item on the ground.
  4. Hold the “ZR” trigger for the arrows and press the “D-Pad UP” key to open the items menu and select the desired item for fusion.

Common Combinations

Players can become pretty creative with this power in hand. This thing applies to almost any material present in the game.

Three major categories allow the Fusion ability to work on. For instance, I would not recommend using this ability with “Ultrahand,” which works on objects lying around, because it is completely different with separate mechanics and applications.

Weapons / Tools

Spiked Long Stick in Zelda Tears of Kingdom
Spiked Long Stick
  1. One of the primary ways you will use fusion is to enhance some already existing weapons.
  2. You can also create a new weapon/tool from raw materials.
  3. These weapons get special powers like fire, freezing, improved damage, durability, and increased attack power.
  4. The type of enhancement depends on the items used for fusion.
  5. For example, fusion with white Chuchu jelly gives frozen, red gives fire, and yellow gives electricity perk to your swords.
  6. The durability might not be increased in every case, but there is always some trade-off.
  7. For tools, the basic ones are hammers and axes.
  8. Making both is similar, except the raw materials are slightly different.
  9. Combining any weapon with Rock makes a hammer, while the same recipe with a Stone makes an axe.
Boulder Hammer made using Fusion in Zelda Tears of Kingdom
Boulder Hammer is made using Fusion.

My few useful and common Weapon Fusions are:

Rock HammerWeapon + Rock
Stone AxeWeapon + Stone
Extended SpearWeapon + Spear
Wooden ClubWooden Stick + Log
Elemental Weapon (element's perks)Weapon + Element (e.g. Gems, Chuchu Jelly)

Common Weapon Fusions Table.


Similarly, you can fuse shields with other things in The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom to increase their durability or give them unique perks.

For example, combining any weapon with a shield provides defense and offense. Another important combination is to attach various elements to the shield, which implants the element’s innate characteristics.

Some useful shield fusions are:

Durable ShieldShield + Shield
Smoke Bomb ShieldShield + Puffshroom
Ruby ShieldShield + Ruby
Minecart ShieldShield + Minecart
Rocket ShieldShield + Zonai Rocket

Common Shield Fusions


Combining Arrows with Fire Fruit to make Fire Arrows
Combining Arrows with Fire Fruit to make Fire Arrows

The final thing you can fuse is the arrows. You will get ordinary arrows from almost lying in many places on the map. It would best to grant them elemental effects using fusion to make them special.

This is one of the most useful fusions in the game, but it doesn’t last long. One fusion is applied on the single arrow, so you must redo it again for your next shot. Enhanced arrows have characteristics like fire, blast, target pursuit, better flight, and more.

Following are some useful arrow combinations:

Homing ArrowArrow + Keese Eyeball
Fire ArrowArrow + Red Chuchu Jelly
Freeze ArrowArrow + White Chuchu Jelly
Sniper Arrow (Long range and Fast)Arrow + Wing
Fire ArrowArrow + Fire Fruit

Common Arrow Fusions Table.

Zonai Fusions

Fire Emitter - A Zonai Device in Zelda Tears of Kingdom
Fire Emitter – A Zonai Device

Zonai Fusions are one of the most interesting ones in the game. With exceptional abilities, each Zonai device has immense applications, including fusion with weapons or shields. Combining a Zonai device with an item gives it unique perks that are sometimes overkill.

For example, you make a flamethrower spear by fusing a long stick with a fire emitter. Another exciting creation is a shield that blows away enemies. Combine a fan with a shield and hold the trigger button “ZL” to start the fan.

Some amazing Zonai fusions are:

Rocket ShieldRocket + Shield
Flame Emitter ShieldFire Emitter + Shield
Cannon ShieldCannon + Shield

Common Zonai Fusions

How To Unfuse?

Unfusing Materials using Item Menu
Unfusing Materials using Item Menu

Note: This method has a penalty that the weapon will be sustained, but the other material will be destroyed.

There are two main ways to un-fuse an item:

  1. You can un-fuse an item from the menu.
  2. Select the item, press “A” to see options, and choose “Destroy Fused Material.” 
  3. The other way to un-fuse, by keeping both items, is to go to Pelison in Tarrey Town. He will do the work for you for 20 rupees.

My Playthrough Tips

Follow these tips to make the best out of the Fuse technique in the game.

  • Reversing a fusion is not the best option because it may destroy one of the valuable materials.
  • Check the expected damage boost before fusing a weapon by selecting and observing the item’s details in the menu.
  • All materials have a small guide that describes what type of fusion will be best for them.
  • Zonai Fusions cost Zonai charge, so you must be cautious about using them, or you might run out of it.
  • Some fusions are more beneficial than others, so check out the stats before doing it.
  • A few others are not very advantageous, so you must avoid them. For example, a fire emitter on a boomerang will spread fire near you, damaging yourself.

This technique changed the gameplay, making it even more interesting and creative for players. You can try several combinations to get the best one for yourself.

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