Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Abilities + Locations

Tears of the Kingdom has five abilities as well as five Sage abilities and two non-combat abilities. Here are all of the abilities in Legend of Zelda explained and how to find them.

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom abilities.
Take a look at all Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom abilities explained.

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features five helpful abilities in combat and outside of battle. These include the Ultrahand, Ascend, Recall, Fuse, and Autobuild abilities. But there are some additional abilities available in the game. 

Key Takeaways

  • Ascend lets you float through ceilings while Ultrahand lets you stick objects to build structures.
  • Recall enables you to rewind time for sneaky moves, while Fuse lets you combine objects with your weapons.
  • Finally, there’s Autobuild which lets you quickly rebuild past structures from memory.
  • There are also five Sage abilities granted by your Sage companions. These include Sage of the Wind, Water, Spirit, Thunder, and Fire.
  • Additionally, two abilities, Camera and Amiibo, do not help you in battle. The camera is used to capture pictures for the Hyrule Compendium, and Amiibo lets you unlock new features by scanning Amiibo figures.


Best Ability for Objects.
Recall Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ability.
Recall lets you rewind time for convenient strategies. (Image captured by us)

Why did I Choose Recall?

Recall is one of the most resourceful abilities. This ability lets you play around with time, rewinding it to your liking.

Recall doesn’t work on enemies or characters. But it does work wonders with objects. For instance, imagine if a particular block was falling from the ceiling. If you step onto it and use Recall, the block will go back, and so will you.

This ability can also be used in boss fights to give you more time to get a shot in, especially if the boss has a brief vulnerability period.

How To Acquire

  1. Unlock the Ultrahand, Fuse, and Ascend abilities.
  2. Head to the Temple of Time.
  3. A cutscene with Zelda will trigger when you enter the Temple of Time.
  4. Zelda will provide you with the Recall ability.
  5. After receiving the Recall ability, you’ll encounter a puzzle that requires you to use this new ability to progress in the game.

  • Highly Practical.
  • Comes in handy with objects.

  • Can not be used on enemies.


Best Ability for Objects.

Why did I Choose Ultrahand?

Ultrahand is a convenient ability that works like a pick-and-place construction ability. It lets you pick up objects from one place and drop them somewhere else. Ultrahand allows you to rotate and flip things, perfect for clearing your way and constructing objects.

Specifically, the Ultrahand ability lets you grab and move objects around the room. It also enables you to rotate items and stick them to other things. It’s different from the Fuse ability in that it doesn’t fuse the items but glues them instead.

How To Acquire

  1. Head to the Temple of Time on Great Sky Island.
  2. Speak with Rauru, who will guide you to shrines nearby.
  3. Visit the Ukouh Shrine and enter it.
  4. Inside the Ukouh Shrine, you will discover the Ultrahand ability.

  • Best for working around objects.
  • Easy to understand.

  • Limited benefit.


Best Construction Ability Overall.
Fuse Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ability.
Fuse allows you to combine two objects. (Image captured by us)

Why did I Choose Fuse?

Fuse is another construction ability that I highly recommend for progressing in the game. As the name suggests, it allows you to fuse two items. To specify, you can combine your shield or weapon (both melee and arrows) with another weapon, shield, or even a specific material type.

This opens up multiple options for imbuing your weapons with all sorts of damage. The most common use of the Fuse ability is fusing your weapons with elemental damage.

There are many Fuse combos in the game. The best of these are the boss drops. Various bosses, such as the Black Hinox and Battle Talus, drop items you can use to strengthen your weapons.

Other combos include fusing Zonai Devices with Zonaite weapons and combining boulders with your sword.

Another thing that I should let you know about Fuse is that you can reverse it and separate the two fused objects. However, the object attached to the main object will be destroyed.

Check out our how to fuse tutorial for a complete Legend of Zelda fusion guide.

How To Acquire

  1. Head to the southwestern part of the Great Sky Isles.
  2. Look for the In-isa Shrine in this area.
  3. Enter the In-isa Shrine to acquire the Fuse ability.

  • Highly beneficial in construction.
  • Easy to understand.

  • Does not aid in Combat situations.

Sage Abilities

Besides the regular abilities, there are also the Sage abilities. These abilities are courtesy of your Sage companions. While not entirely Link’s abilities, Link can still activate them and cause his Sage companions to act.

If you’re confused, each region provides a companion to guide and aid you in battle. These companions have abilities that you can use to your advantage.

Sage abilities require you to get close to the companion to use them. For the most part, this will be a bit tougher. But some boss fights like that with Moragia will rely on Sage’s abilities alone.

Sage of Fire

Sage of Fire is Yunobo’s signature ability. It allows Yunobo to roll into a ball and catapult toward the target. This ability deals fire damage and is excellent for striking down foes at a distance.

This ability is excellent for exploration if you want to knock down boulders and clear rocks and ore in your way. The Sage of Fire ability is always activated when riding any vehicle with Yunobo.

After completing the Death Mountain and Goron City quests, you can acquire this ability.

Sage of Wind

The Sage of Wind ability is Tulin’s signature move. When activating this ability, Tulin will send out a gust of wind that will damage enemies and knock them back. It’s perfect for clearing multiple enemies at once. But keep in mind that it doesn’t work for the larger enemies.

When exploring, you can use this ability to boost your movement speed when gliding through the air. This removes the hassle of having to fly over long distances.

You’ll need to finish the Rito quest line in Hebra for this ability.

Sage of Lightning

Riju provides you with the Sage of Lightning ability. It is one of the more powerful Sage abilities. This ability generates an electrically charged field around Link, creating a powerful lightning strike if Link uses his arrows from inside the area.

Sage of Lightning can also be used to destroy rocks and multiple ores. However, due to its long cooldown, its exploration use is limited.

You can acquire this ability after you complete the Gerudo Town quest line.

Sage of Water

Sidon’s ability can be acquired right after you complete the Zora’s Domain quest. This ability allows you to create a water bubble around Link that can absorb precisely one hit from any enemy.

It’s a remarkable ability to use as a last resort not to get hit. However, outside of that, it’s pretty limited. For one thing, it can only withstand a single hit before breaking. And for another, any melee weapon attack will instantly break the bubble.

Hence, you’re better off using your arrows for this one. Outside of battle, it can clear away sludge and gunk. Additionally, it’s a good choice for cooling down in specific high-temperature environments.

Sage of Spirit

Lastly, there is the Sage of Spirit ability granted to you by Mineru, the Sage of Spirit. This ability is by far the strongest. It lets you ride Mineru like a mech suit, and you can attach various Zonai Devices to her to increase her resourcefulness.

Since the exact abilities depend on the Zonai Devices you apply, we won’t spoil them here. Additionally, acquiring the Sage of Spiirt ability isn’t an easy task. You’ll need to complete the Fifth Sage quest, which requires you to fight the Seized Construct boss.


Best Link Ability.
Ascend Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom ability.
Ascend lets you go through ceilings. (Image captured by us)

Why did I Choose Ascend?

Ascend is a unique ability that lets you float through ceilings. This makes climbing higher buildings, tall towers, and big mountains a breeze. Of course, Ascend won’t work the same for every hill or building.

Some areas will only allow you to Ascend a certain distance before repositioning. Otherwise, the ability is quite helpful when covering great vertical distances.

How To Acquire

  1. Head to the Southeastern side of the Great Sky Isles.
  2. Locate the Gutanbac Shrine in this area.
  3. Enter the Gutanbac Shrine to find the Ascend ability inside.
  4. Use the Ascend ability to pass through the ceiling and complete the Shrine.

  • Helps in Traversing heightened structures.

  • Works on limited structures.


Upgraded Ultrahand Ability.

Why did I Choose Autobuild?

I can not emphasize enough how important this ability is and when combined with Ultrahand ability, it lets you quickly rebuild any structure as long as you have the materials.

You don’t have to build the structure manually all over again. Simply use Autobuild to reconstruct it from memory. If you don’t have the necessary resources to rebuild a structure, you will instead use up Zonaite.

How To Acquire

  1. Go to the Central Hyrule Depths, particularly the Great Central Mine.
  2. Locate a group of researchers in the area.
  3. Engage in a conversation with the researchers, which will eventually lead to you acquiring the Autobuild ability.
  4. After getting the Autobuild ability, you’ll likely receive a short tutorial, and you may encounter Master Kohga for the first time as part of the game’s progression.

  • Works with Ultrahand.
  • Easy to learn.

  • Demands game progression.

My Other Recommendations For Abilities

1. Camera

The Camera ability, as the name suggests, lets you take pictures of items and monuments in your surroundings. This ability is not helpful in battle but is necessary if you want to take pictures and complete the Hyrule Compendium.

How To Acquire

  1. Visit Look-Out Landing in the game.
  2. Proceed to the first floor of Pura’s building, where you’ll encounter characters named Josha and Robbie.
  3. Josha and Robbie will assign you a quest that involves getting the Camera, taking specific pictures, and returning them to Josha as part of the quest’s objectives.

2. Amiibo

Amiibo is a non-combat ability that can only be used after acquiring the Legend of Zelda Amiibos. If you’re unfamiliar with them, Amiibos are interactive cards or figurines that you can tap on your Nintendo Switch to unlock new features.

There are 25 Amiibo figures you can use this ability on. Simply tap them on the Nintendo Switch to receive new and exciting armor, material, and weapons. Some of these include the Fierce Deity Armor and Soldier’s Bow.

How To Acquire

Of course, this ability has to be unlocked in-game too. In Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, the Amiibo ability is unlocked immediately after you acquire the Ultrahand ability.

Moreover, the ability is activated by default, and you can scan any Amiibo figures. But alas, you’ll still need to buy a Legend of Zelda Amiibo figure to use this ability. You can get more information about Amiibo figures on Zelda’s official page.

These were my recommendations for abilities and how they can benefit your gameplay. If you have more queries, do share them in the comments section below, so I can answer them for you.

If you want to find out how to get the paraglider, check out our Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom paraglider guide.

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